Shikamori’s Not Just A Cutie Release Date, Plot, Preview And Everything You Need To Know!

Shikamori’s Not Just A Cutie is an anime that will surely leave every romantic comedy fan out there absolutely speechless and happy at the same time. Why because in this anime you won’t have to wait for the romance to happen, or the characters to fall in love and their rivals trying to steal and fight them over and over again.

In this anime, you’ll just have to see a badass girlfriend protecting her clumsy boyfriend fin the coolest way possible The Doga Kobo studio officially announced last year that the renowned manga written by the very talented Keigo Maki will be getting its very own anime, and the release date is finally here ladies and gents!

That’s right the episode 1 of Shikamori’s Not Just A Cutie is all set to make its big premiere on the 3rd of April 2022 and the show has recently been licensed by…you guessed it Crunchyroll! The creators of the show have hired some fantastic voice acting cast and to be honest, the show is coming at the right time because after Attack On Titan’s final season, we can use a bit of cuteness in our lives!

The Plot


Izumi is one lucky boy, who has not only managed to bag one of the most cutest girls in the school but has managed to win her heart and make her his girlfriend. However, ever since Izumi was young he has always arrived home with bruises and marks and can be defined as a very clumsy guy who gets into trouble easily.

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However, little did he know that his girlfriend Shikamori is not just the most amazing girl in the world but also his guardian angel! Watch Izumi saved by his girlfriend Shikamori in the most collect way humanly possible and show the world that there’s a lot more to Shikamori than just her cute side.

Do not forget to catch all the latest episodes of Shikamori’s Not Just A Cutie available exclusively on Crunchyroll.




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