Shadows House Season 2 Confirmed!

Shadows House is an anime that is quite literally about a house of shadows. Where shadow-like creatures are accompanied and served by their living dolls who clean up after their masters. This strange supernatural series which has a lot of essence of gothic and dark mystery is definitely a show that will keep you up at night.

The shadows house series has its very own cult following and is quite famous among the fans out there with a flair of something unusual and dark. The evidence of the show’s greatness is further proven by its spectacular ratings receiving a rating of 7.8/10 from MyAnimeList. Not to mention that the show’s amazing plot and interesting characters makes it a worth while watch.


As the fans of the series might already know the series is headed by CloverWorks studio, one of the most well renowned studios out there and luckily for the fans the show has been renewed for a season 2! And we couldn’t be more excited!

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The season 1 of Shadows house introduced us to the living doll Emilico who  gets the duty to serve her master Kate, and together as the two of them form a close bond they begin uncovering the dark secrets of the shadow house.


The show will most likely continue from where the season 1 ended and just like season 1 it will also be containing 13 episodes. The projected release date of the series is expected to be somewhere around the summer of 2022 or the fall and all the voice actors are expected to reprise their roles.

Will Emilico and Kate be able to uncover the secret truth hiding beneath the house? Will they be able to discover everything wrong with the Shadow house? And most importantly will the dark forces lurking in the house let them?

To find out all the answers to this hit series, do not forget to keep on following our post to know about all the latest updates on the upcoming season of shadow house!

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