Sayonara Tyranno World’s Cutest Animated Movie Releasing This Winter!

Ever since the birth of Pixar and Japanese anime and animated movies, the world has exceptionally changed its views about cartoons. With movies like Up, My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away being labeled as one of the finest works to be ever screened, it comes as no surprise that every new animated movie is going to draw a lot of attention. Similarly, one of these movies that is going to hit the Golden screen pretty soon is Sayonara Tyranno.

If you liked movies like The Good Dinosaur and the TV show The Dragon Tales and loved how cute both of them were, then make sure to get yourself ready for cuteness overload with Sayonara Tyranno. The movie’s premise will entail two dinosaur friends who are out looking for the existence of heaven and love!

Together they must find the place called “Heaven” and embark on an adventure of a lifetime, but as we all know, no journey is too long as long as we have friends by our side! However, one of the most special things about this movie is that it is going to highlight the animated works from China, South Korea, and Japan! So basically, Sayonara Tyranno is a big scoop of one of the best animation studios and is definitely a movie that we need to look out for.

A glimpse of The Movie!

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Therefore, we are delighted to announce to our readers that after a long delay in its premiere due to none other than COVID-19, Sayonara Tyranno will be a Christmas delight for the fans and will be making its fantastic debut on the 10th of December 2021. As mentioned above, the movie is a big giant scoop of Asia and will be launched in all the aforementioned languages for the respective countries.

This tie-up between the three great Asian nations will not only help in strengthening their bond but also serve a purpose to connect the audience from all over the world! The movie will highlight the genres of romantic love, coming of age and will ask a lot of moral questions that some adults might not be ready to answer! Make sure to watch the new visuals of the movie and its trailer ( link attached below) and listen to a glimpse of its soothing soundtrack. To know more about any latest updates on your favorite anime, mangas, and movies, keep on reading our post!