Ryman’s Club Episode 1 “Assignment” The Journey Begins! – Let’s Discuss!

ok, I’m going to be really honest here, never in my wildest dreams did I expect Ryman’s club to have such a great pilot episode. Episode 1 of the show was not only engaging, but the characters and the plot are both interesting and hilarious! The animation done by the Liden films studio is undoubtedly top-notch and the opening and ending soundtracks fit the mood just right.

Therefore, it is safe to say that episode 1 of Ryman’s club not only surpassed my expectations but has also given the thirsty sports anime fans out there mana from heaven because just from the looks of the first episode I can tell that season 1 of the series is going to be absolutely amazing!

Episode 1 Ryman’s Club Summary


Episode 1 of the Ryman’s club or the Salaryman’s club began by introducing the protagonist of the series Shiratori Mikoto, who is playing a stressful singles match for the revered Mutsohoshi bank badminton team. A flashback shows that the coach of the team has fired Shiratori from his job and that in order to save his job he must prove himself by winning the single.

However, much to his dismay, the flashbacks from his high school past keep haunting Shiratori and he ends up losing the single and ultimately his job. We then see him traveling back to his home, only to be stopped midway as he receives a job offer from a very unlikely company the Sunlight Beverage Corporate Team.


On his way to the first day of his job, Shiratori ends up encountering a drunk man who asks him for water. He gives the strange man water who ends up correcting the way he tied his tie and sends him off to work. However, when Shiratori arrives at his job he can’t help but notice how people from his new office are looking at him strangely. He then takes a look at his tie and sees that the man has tricked him and has tied a weird knot making him the subject of incredible laughter.

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The man who as it turns out is the top salesman of the sunlight beverage team Tatsuru Miyazaki (32) is his new boss and partner. Tatsuru introduces Shiratori to the entire office and tells him that the practice doesn’t start till 4 and till then they must work like normal employees and salesman of the company shocking Shiratori to his core, as he thought that he was hired to play badminton for the company full time.


Shiratori then meets his high school acquaintance Toya and is surprised to see him working for the company as well. Toya then takes him to their training grounds which funnily is nothing but an elementary school gym. Shiratori is obviously feeling a bit let down as things are worse than he had expected but he still tries to make the best of it.

However, when the coach arrives and tells him that the best salesman of the company Tatsuru is also his new doubles partner, Shiratori decides to leave as he has vowed to never play doubles. Tatsuru then tries to keep him calm and asks him to beat him in a single match, and if he wins he can play singles as long as he likes but if he loses he must pair up with tatsuru.


In Shiratori Vs. Tatsuru match not only do we get to see absolutely fantastic animation and voice over but we also get to know that mikoto shiratori is also a prodigy who can use foresight and guess where his opponents will move next. However while facing the experienced player tatsuru the weakness of his strategy is exposed wide open as his foresight unfortunately has a lot of holes and blind spots, which could  only be covered if he agrees to play in doubles and is the reason why he’s a weak single player.

Much to his dismay he can’t help but admire tatsuru’s playing style and calls him a difficult opponent to face on and absolutely agrees that if he were his partner they can do wonders. Shiratori is surprised by his own though process and loses the match fair and square by 19-21.

The episode then shows Shiratori and tatsuru chatting and realsing much to his horror that they’re also now dorm mates!

Episode 2 Release Date

To know more about what’s going to happen next in the story of shiratori mikoto and his journey of getting to the top do not forget to watch ryman’s club episode 2 titled “synergy” coming out on 6th february 2022!





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