RPG Real Estate A Brand New Anime Coming Out In 2022!

Imagine real-life house hunting problems in a world full of demons, witches, and whatnot, and you get the plot of RPG Real Estate. An anime in which our protagonist helps people find their homes. This four-panel manga series written and created by Chiyo Kenmotsu is making a lot of buzz as just only recently it was announced that its manga will be now adapted into an anime series.

The manga is still currently ongoing and has only been compiled up into 3 volumes. However, given the time it will take to produce and animate the entire series the season 1 of RPG Real Estate will most likely contain 12-13 episodes. For many of our readers, the show’s plot might sound a bit familiar to another anime that we talked about just recently, “The Dragon Goes House-Hunting.” Although the setting and some details are similar, the character design and their stories are completely different.

While in Dragon Goes House-Hunting, our protagonist teams up with an enthusiastic elf more than willing to find a home only to be highly unsuccessful at it. RPG real estate generally focuses on our protagonist Kotone helping others find their home 15 years after the Demon King, the ultimate villain in any Isekai Parallel world, was defeated. 


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We would, however, like to inform our readers that as shallow as the plot might sound, the story is still pretty much very novice. The manga is progressing quite well. Otherwise, an anime adaptation by Doga Kobo studio wouldn’t have been announced. Needless to say, it’s pretty useless to discuss the depth of the story when we haven’t watched or read it first.

So far in this brand new series, only four characters have been introduced, our protagonist Kotone and her teammates  Fa, a demi-human, the priest Rufuria, and the soldier Rakira who help her find homes for people from different circumstances. Although, no concrete release date has been announced yet. But given how the studio began producing the anime series in Feb 2021, we can expect season 1 of the show to get released somewhere in the early 2022s, most probably in the months of Feb-March. Therefore, a trailer for the anime series will be available to us most likely by October 2021.

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