Previously on One Piece Chapter 1071: The Hero Deploys

One Piece’s Sentomaru finally experiences Rob Lucci’s depravity in Chapter 1070. The CP0 agent attacks him, and when Lucci notices that the Marine officer is still awake, the Zoan Devil Fruit user tries to put him to sleep. But Luffy won’t just sit back and let him get away with it. To keep Rob Lucci at bay, he unleashes his unusual Gear Five strikes. Luffy and the group can flee thanks to the Seraphims’ handling of the other Cipher Pol agents. Sentomaru then turns over the Straw Hat Pirates’ defence of Dr. Vegapunk to them.

The other Straw Hats can’t help but notice the Seraphim’s familiar powers as the two powerful foes duel. Dr. Vegapunk gives them a crash lesson in Devil Fruit replication before explaining how the cyborgs work. He informs them that Logia Devil Fruits are still untouchable and that only Zoan Devil Fruits are manufactured artificially. The users’ Bloodline Elements can be extracted and transformed into a unique type of blood, even though Paramythia Devil Fruits cannot be created artificially like Zoans. The Seraphims are fed by the blood that is pumping through their veins.

Previously on One Piece Chapter 1071: The Hero Deploys

Readers are taken to Red Port at the terminus of the Red Line in Chapter 1071. After escaping the Kamabakka Queendom, Kuma hastily arrives here. The townsfolk are startled by the mindless cyborg’s appearance and terrified as he begins to move. The Marines are alerted by his arrival as well. On the island, a prompt announcement is made. Every Marine officer is sent to deal with the former Warlord while everyone else is ordered to evacuate.

The Cipher Pol agents are moving about Egghead to obstruct any escape routes that the Straw Hat Pirates and the brilliant scientist may take. Even worse, Lucci orders them to sabotage the ships if necessary. Stussy queries Lucci about his intentions as they discuss their possible next steps: will he listen to their official order? In response, Lucci says he does not think of Luffy as an Emperor. Additionally, Dr. Vegapunk and his Satellites are deciding how to proceed. The others are reasonably preventing Lilith from fighting the government agents since she is already fired up to do so. Shaka says their primary objective is to allow Stella’s body to escape rather than fight the government officials.

The Satellite deliberates their next course of action as the genuine Dr. Vegapunk’s conscience is bothering him. Pythagoras reminds them that they have a second ally on the island. But Edison also warns them that enlisting that person’s assistance will result in them being expelled from their country and pursued by the authorities. The mysterious person answers the phone after the main body calls them despite the Satellite’s warning, much to Dr. Vegapunk’s astonishment and delight. They only need to allow the main body to ride along with the Straw Hats now that another ally has joined the battle. Even Lilith offers to accompany the main body to the port. But Dr. Vegapunk asks the Straw Hats to permit seven at once.

Previously on One Piece Chapter 1071: The Hero Deploys

The Labophase’s protection mechanism abruptly shuts down at that point. Given that the Frontier Dome is meant to be the Satellites’ final stronghold and bulwark against attack, the Satellites are perplexed by this development. Also skeptical of this abrupt development are the Cipher Pol agents. Due to the convenient timing, Lucci speculates that it might be a trap; nevertheless, upon more examination, the federal agents conclude that it might not be. In addition, turning off the dome makes the Thousand Sunny visible. Then, without thinking, Kaku delivers a kick in the ship’s direction.

Zoro is rudely awakened from his snooze by Kaku’s hasty decision, much to the amazement of the Cipher Pol and the Straw Hat. However, by the time the Satellites restore the dome, the Cipher Pol agents have already inside. Shaka then realizes they intend to pursue the Thousand Sunny. Kaku and Zoro are already conversing, as the Satellite foresaw. Since she will be fighting, Lilith is the only one happy with how things are going.

Previously on One Piece Chapter 1071: The Hero Deploys

When Luffy and the others arrive in Labophase, they tell him they must leave immediately. This doesn’t make Luffy happy. He first tries to unwind, but his crewmates keep reminding him of the mayhem around them. Luffy suddenly has a memory of Bonney. He enquires as to whether anyone else has seen her. Robin is also aware that Vegapunk is missing. The narrative’s focus changes to Bonney trying to kill the brilliant scientist. Vegapunk is under constant attack from Bonney, who wants him to change her father back into a human. Vegapunk flatly declines her plea, claiming he has a valid justification for doing so.

Eustass Kid and his team have arrived at their final objective in a different area of the New World. Killer, his first mate, inquires whether they should land on the island. Killer then informs him that Elbaph, the Giant’s native land, is where they will be travelling next. Garp is making a scene at Navy Base G-14 in the meantime. Helmeppo is summoned by the vice admiral, who orders the young lieutenant to wipe his face of snot and follow him. They will travel to Blackbeard’s domain, Fullalead, to save Koby, one of One Piece’s original characters.





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