Platinum End Episode 7- Mirai Vs Metropoliman

With each episode, Platinum End keeps getting better and better proving to be a great show. With its unique storyline and the aspect of human nature and cruelty, the show is a testament and proof that it’s made by none other than the makers of Death Note.

Just like Death Note highlighted that human nature is more terrifying than a literal demon from hell, similarly, Platinum end is also proving the same point to us but this time in a crueler and terrifying way. Therefore, if you’re looking to watch something that’s going to absolutely shock and grip you by the hooks then missing out on this show might just be a great mistake.

Previously On Platinum End

Girl A

In episode 6 of Platinum End, Mirai, Saki, and Mukaido realize that Metropoliman has given a pair of wings and the red arrow to Girl A, a sadistic serial killer with a taste for young and beautiful middle school girls. Initially shocked and revolted by the extent he’s willing to go, they soon realize that this is his way of luring the God Candidates with a high sense of justice and assassinating them in the process.

Infuriated by Metropoliman’s inhumane methods Mukaido decides to do something about it and brings guns and protective suits for him and Mirai. Both of them together go to the location where Girl A is located and decide to kill her before she chooses another target.

He asks Mirai to stay back and converses with Girl A but, before he could do the deed Metropoliman from behind the scenes sets off an explosive killing Girl A and blasting Mukaido in the process.

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Episode 7 [SPOILERS]


In episode 7 of the Platinum end, Mirai finds that Mukaido is somehow alive all thanks to his protective suit, and is mostly unharmed. However, his happiness didn’t last long because Metropoliman arrives on the scene.

Admittingly surprised to see Mukaido alive, Metropoliman warns both Mirai and Mukaido of another blast if they do not lower their weapons. He gives them an ultimatum, either let him kill one of the candidates or set off an explosive which will most likely kill hundreds.

Mukaido, initially skeptical lowers his weapons and asks Nasse to cover him to make Metropoliman assume that the special rank angel Nasse is his angel. As expected Metropoliman targets Mukaido instead of Mirai who is slowly losing his mind.


After losing his parents and seeing so many God candidates dying in vain right in front of him Mirai is unable to handle the pressure and comprehend what’s right or wrong. Therefore, when he sees Metropoliman launching a white arrow at Mukaido to kill him, Mirai without thinking twice jumps in front of it with a red arrow and deflects it. A feat that was previously unknown even by the angel Baret.

The episode then progresses to show Mirai’s desperation to save Mukaido which creates a perfect chance for Mukaido to launch an attack at him and Mukaido empties two entire guns’ worth of bullets from point-blank range into Metropoliman, injuring him and revealing his face.

The episode ends with metropoliman running away and getting his wounds treated and killing the doctor who treated him in the process, wondering who the hell the people who injured him were.

With Mirai and Mukaido declaring open war on Metropoliman, it is safe to assume that no one’s safe anymore. The show highlighted how Metropoliman wanted to become God to revive his dead sister, but the means and methods that he’s using are too inhumane to even consider him a good character.

Exactly how far is he willing to go? Will Mirai’s thoughts on killing people ever change? To find out what happens next in Platnium End make sure to check out its latest episode titled “Symbol Of Promise” releasing on 27th November 2021.

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