Paralympics Might Also Not See Any Spectators As Japan Gets Ready To Extend Its State Of Emergency

It’s crazy how our lives have completely changed in the past couple of years. When the golden age of humankind was dawning near when the mission to Mars and God knows what lied in the depths of our hearts. Our dreams and aspirations were all halted and squashed by an organism that we cannot even see – COVID-19. Ever since this raging pandemic has hit us I think none of us are truly able to get comfortable around people anymore. The fear of contracting the disease and giving it to our loved ones is an even more terrifying debacle that most of us would want to avoid at any cost.

However, one of the major sectors that have been hugely affected by the pandemic is definitely the sports industry. In every four years, the world lines up outside the stadium of the Olympics and Paralympics to see their country perform in the biggest sporting event worldwide. A place where the atrocities suffered by an athlete become their strength and the cheer of the crowd rooting for them gives them the energy to win that gold, silver, and bronze.

However, it seems that this time, the fans would have to suffice and watch their favorite players from home, as just like the events of Olympics 2020, the Paralympics will also be hosted without a single member in the audience.


In the past couple of months, a few weeks before the Olympics, Japan as we all know saw a huge and unnatural surge in COVID-19 cases. A calamity which they wouldn’t be able to afford if things went haywire. That is why the Japanese Government did its absolute best to ensure the safety of the athletes and the citizens of their country and prioritized safety above revenue.

However, the bad luck being dealt to Japan by Gami-Sama is far from being over as the country is on the verge of extending the state of emergency for the fourth consecutive time seeing as how the Covid-19 cases in Japan haven’t stopped slowing down. The state of emergency which was supposed to get over by the end of August is now going to be extended up to at least the 13th of sepetember.

With a lot of districts now pondering the idea of another lockdown, it comes as no surprise that the people and the government of Japan are definitely having a very hard time. Therefore, it has been confirmed that much to the disdain of the fans, the Paralympics of 2021 will also not see any member of the audience attending the event. However, it is our wishes and the good luck charms that really end up giving our athletes a nudge over the edge. So, make sure to support your country virtually this time in the upcoming Tokyo Paralympics!

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