Ousama Ranking Episode 9 Everything You Need To Know

With each passing episode, the story of Ousama Ranking keeps on getting more and deeper and stranger. In the past few episodes, the truth about the dark past of King Bosse and his powers were explained, which apparently originate from his own descendants.

To gain power, King Bosse has made a pact with the demon from hell itself, granting him the power of his sons so that one day he can be the world’s most powerful king. With his lust for power growing ever stronger, the witch Miranjo and King Bosse create a secret ploy to possess Daida, King Bosse’s own son’s body, after his death so that he can once again materialize himself into the human realm.


Forgetting all of his blood relations and the ties that bind him to his family, King Bosse becomes willing to cross all the lines and orders Miranjo to assassinate his very own wife, Queen hilling, who can potentially become a big thorn in their plans, which so far are left unknown.

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However, with the help of her loyal bodyguard, Dorshe, who risks it all to save the queen, she somehow manages to survive. While miranjo goes to the underworld to once again gain the forces to assassinate the queen, King Bosses orders Dorshe to take the queen away from the kingdom as the next attempt will surely be her death.

Dorshe defeating the hounds from hell

Episode 9 of Ousama Ranking revealed that Daida is very much alive, hidden, and trapped inside his own body, whose presence is felt only by his mother, Queen Hiling. However, unfortunately, as long as King Bosse is inside his body, there is no way out. As Daida is trapped inside his body, unable to show his suffering to the world, he cannot help but relate to his elder brother Bojji who he realizes must have felt the same way.

Exactly what is King Bosse and the Mirror planning to do? What is their ultimate goal? And how has Bojji become the world’s most powerful human? To find out the answers to these questions, do not forget to watch Ousama Ranking episode 10 coming out soon!

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