Ousama Ranking Episode 15: The Order Of the Underworld – Let’s Discuss

Episode 15 of Ousama Ranking titled “The Order Of The Underworld” was by far one of the most chaotic episodes of the series as of yet. The episode begins with Bojji and Kage deciding to take the magical beasts back to where they belong which is the underworld. However, Muramata warns them to reach the gates of the underworld before Domas does as he has been ordered by King Bosse to destroy the entrance of the underworld, the reason is however unknown.

The episode then shifts to Domas and Hokuro reaching the gate of the underworld only to find king Desha’s frontline warriors the order of the underworld reaching there first. Both the sides of the gate are confused, and Domas, therefore, decides to take his stand and not let the enemy enter, meanwhile Hokuro stays hidden in the shadows.


Although, fighting valiantly and quite comically, defeating the frontline of Desha’s warriors, when the king himself reaches Domas unfortunately finds himself powerless. Meanwhile, Gigan senses the presence of the king and takes bojji and Kage with him, and jumps down to the gate of the underworld.

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After bojji arrives both Domas and Hokuro are left teary-eyed to see him still alive. However, bojji as kindhearted as he is cannot help but hide his resentment towards them for betraying him and his trust, and plotting to kill him. Kage senses Bojji’s confusion and tries to soothe the young prince.


However, one of the most shocking things to happen in the episode was Domas trying to commit suicide which let’s be honest was absolutely hilarious! However, due to his rigorous and intense training, his body has unfortunately hardened and he apologizes to bojji for not being able to apologize to him by giving up his life.

Hokuro then shocks Domas and tells him to protect bojji, meanwhile, king Desha asks his guards to capture Gigan. Gigan tries to fight back and Bojji and Kage try to make everybody stop, but with his one swift move, Desha defeats the giant Gigan making him fall to the ground. Desha then reveals that he doesn’t intend to kill anyone except the person who let all the prisoners of the underworld loose – miranjo and will not stop at any cost. The episode then ends with leaving the fans once again confused as to what is going to happen next.

Therefore To find out what happens next in the Ousama ranking do not forget to watch its next episode coming out next week soon!


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