Ousama Ranking Episode 13: Kingdom In Turmoil – Let’s Discuss!

Episode 13 of Ousama-Ranking is aptly named and showcased the battle between Hiling and the lady in the mirror – Miranjo. The episode revealed a lot of facts about King Bosse and Miranjo’s relationships and made a lot of things very clear. So let’s dive into what happened in this episode and what to expect in the next episode!

Ousama Ranking Episode 13 – Kingdom In Turmoil

Miranjo now launches a full-scale attack on queen hiling and her royal guard. Attacking them by monsters and the villains. Although, the queen’s royal guard including Dorsche fights valiantly, all of them one by one gets overpowered by the sheer number of enemies.

With hiling forced to defend herself, Dorche puts a final stand. Unable to see his friends and comrades get killed, Apeas betrays miranjo and tries to protect the queen, but the queen doesn’t leave the side of her royal guard ann, who’s fatally injured. Right then Dorche jumps in to save the queen and is pinned down by the monsters.


However, one of the most fearsome of the villains, ouken attacks the queen and injures her, the queen heals her wound and launches a blinding attack on him which much to her surprise shocks him extremely.

Ouken after being shocked by the queen begins heading towards the citizens, and goes on a killing spree, hurting and stabbing the innocent citizens. That is when king Desha’s soldiers and the head of his army arrive.

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However, prince Despa warns the head of the royal guard of king Desha to not engage in a battle with Ouken and do not bojji face him under any circumstances. Therefore, the head of the guard asks bojji to search for a queen hiking while he swears to bring down the demon’s head. The episode then shifts to Miranjo, who is stolen by the villains as they defeat Apeas.

The Big reveals


Episode 13 was not only full-on action-packed but it also revealed a lot of things. One of these is that miranjo has something to do with Boji’s biological mother’s death! We all know that king bosse made a deal with the devil, that allowed him to live for long periods of time, by taking over the body of his own flesh and blood his very own sons.

The episode also revealed that miranjo didn’t think that bojji was the ideal candidate for king bosse to take over and thus forces him to get remarried to hiling. This not only tells us how absolutely sick and abhorrent king bosse is but also removes the mask of him being a loving king.


The episode also highlighted that the fearsome ouken, who is addressed as prince ouken by Desha’s royal guard might be related to the king somehow, however, the exact nature of their relationship has been kept secret so far.

With miranjo forming a plot to kill king Bosse’s family, exactly what are her plans? Why does king bosse desire to be the No.1 king? And is he really doing all of this in his free will. No one truly knows how bosse and miranjo are related, but one thing’s for sure, it is that their schemes and plot not only reflect pure evil but are also shocking as to how a father is willing to destroy the lives of his own sons. Make sure to watch the next episode of Ousama Ranking to find out how the mystery of Bojji’s kingdom truly unfolds!



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