Ousama Ranking Episode 12 – Let’s Discuss!

Finally! And I mean finally, we got a new opening song, and God is it awesome. Not only is the latest opening song just simply amazing, but it also fits the Ousama Ranking series quite aptly because, believe it or not, shit is about to go down!

Episode 12 of the series begins with an overall recap, where the king of the underworld’s army, along with Bojji and Kage, are heading to Bosse’s kingdom. The military captain tells the two friends that their beloved Despa will also join them soon, although he will be delayed due to some pretty hilarious reason (i won’t spoil this one for you).


The story then focuses on miranjo and her group of criminals, who, after capturing King bosse and throwing him in the dungeon, begin fighting over who gets to keep the throne. However, the fight between Kingbo and Ouken escalates quite a bit, with Kingbo getting angry over Ouken sitting on the throne, and he punches him hard. Ouken first pretends to be scared of Kingbo, and right when everyone thought that Ouken is just some flimsy criminal, they’re left shell shocked when he freezes Kingbo by some mysterious magic and then cuts his arms and legs and stabs Kingbo multiple times, and then in a highly sadistic manner watches him die slowly.

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The episode then focuses on queen hiling and her entourage containing Dorche, who arrive at the Kingdom and accuse Apeas of treason. To which miranjo reveals her name, and Dorche is baffled to hear Miranjo’s name as she was suspected of dying in the first war. When Dorche asks her the reason behind her actions and an explanation behind her condition, she simply replies that she wants this country to go to ruin.


Meanwhile, Domas and Hokuro are preparing themselves for the fight with the underworld, as the king warned them, and the episode ends with Bebin arriving on the scene telling his snakes to bury Kinbo’s body. However, in the end, we see Kingbo is, in fact, still alive! Why does Miranjo want Bosse’s kingdom to go to ruin? Aren’t her and King Bosse extremely close friends? Exactly what is mirror planning? To find out the answer to all of these questions, do not forget to watch the next episode of Ousama ranking coming out 13th of January 2022.

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