Ousama Ranking Episode 11 – Let’s Discuss

With each passing episode, the creators of Ousama Ranking create more questions than answers. The story of episode 11 starts with prince Daida reminiscing about his past, and how he spent so much time with his big brother when they were little.

However, with his mother constantly telling him to become strong and protect his older brother, Daida much to the dismay of bebin begins to perceive anyone with disabilities as weak and unworthy to live. The episode then focuses on how Daida now remembers his foolish past and being all alone in the darkness reminds him of his mistakes.

Young Daida playing with Bojji

However, one of the biggest mysteries of the episode was undoubtedly when Daida encounters the woman in the mirror Miranjo, who is in the form of a little girl with no arms crying and begging someone to take her out of this darkness.

And right when Daida is about to approach her, he is stopped by strange faces, who accuse the girl of destroying their kingdom and being responsible for countless deaths. However, seeing the girl’s poor state Daida is confused as to who he should believe, but much to his horror when Miranjo’s mask falls off from her face, Daida is shocked to see that she has no face.

Miranjo in a form of a little girl

The tortured and tormented people it seems have taken their revenge on the little girl and Daida beats them all up and tells the girl that he will protect her at all cost.

The episode then focuses on more political matters with the king of the underworld, finding out that one of the most dangerous men in the world Ouken, a knight of the underworld and a prisoner has been set lose by none other than Miranjo herself, and realizes that he is, along with a group of deadly barbarians heading for the Bosse’s kingdom.

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Therefore, to not only prevent a tragedy and take advantage of the chaos King Desha orders his knights to head to Bosse’s kingdom, defeat the villains from the underworld, and then conquer the kingdom for his own.

Daida protecting miranjo

Meanwhile, Bojji and Kage bid farewell to despa who teaches Bojji one final lesson and that is – “Love everything about yourself”.

Bojji and Kage teary-eyed however are surprised to see the soldiers from the underworld who tell them about the chaos occurring back at their home and both of them join the band to fight the villains from the underworld.

The episode ends with queen hiling, entering her kingdom once again who is received by the news that king bosse has been taken hostage by the villains.

However, are King Desha’s soldiers really taking Bojji back home? Or are they plotting to overtake the kingdom and capture bojji and Kage while they have a chance? Who is the young girl in Daida’s world, pretending to be Miranjo? And exactly what are her secrets. As usual Ousama Ranking has once again left its viewers in a tight spot and we absolutely cannot wait for episode 12 coming out pretty soon!


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