One Piece Live-Action Cast Revealed And Oda’s Message

Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece is on its way for a Live-Action Series. Not only has One Piece made the hearts of Japanese viewers its home, but it has also gained fame around the world. Hence, Netflix took the task to make a live-action series for the anime. On November 10th, 2021, the official Twitter account of One Piece Netflix announced the One Piece Live-Action cast. Moreover, Eiichiro Oda himself gave a written message to the staff and cast working on the project. Thus, let’s look into all the information we got from the video.

One Piece Live-Action Cast

The video featured the actors who’ll be playing the five main Straw Hats from the first arc, i.e., East Blue Saga. Fans were excited to see the cast, and they loved the energy Luffy’s actor showcased in the video. Furthermore, the actors introduced themselves and thanked for a custom-made t-shirt that Eiichiro Oda had sketched himself. In addition, the hype around the cast reveals of the One Piece Live-Action series was done one day before Zoro’s official b’day, i.e., November 11th, 2021. You can view the video by clicking here.

Image: Variety

The Live-Action Cast:

First and foremost, the Mexican actor Inaki Godoy will be playing the protagonist, Straw Hat Luffy. He is known for his acting in the movie Go Youth! Additionally, Inaki displayed the energetic charisma of Monkey D. Luffy. We’re excited to see him playing his role in the One Piece Live-Action series.

Mackenyu, the known face of Cadet Ryoichi from Pacific Rim, will play Roronoa Zoro. Not only has Mackenyu acted in multiple live-action movies, but he’s also scored the role with his outlaw looks. Zoro has been one of the most loved characters of One Piece. Hence, his performance would matter a lot for the success of the series.

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Following Mackenyu is Emily Rudd will be playing the Cat Burglar Nami. With her sly nature in the American TV series Dynasty, she’s perfect for the role of Nami. Additionally, Emily holds the beauty to attract fans like Nami did in the manga or anime. Let’s see how she highlights Nami’s character in the One Piece Live-Action series.

Next comes Jacob Romero Gibson, who’s famous for his role as Josh in Grey’s Anatomy. Jacob will play Usopp in the series. It will be interesting to see his role as the lying master and sniper of the Straw Hats crew.

Lastly, the Olivier Award nominee, Taz Skylar, will play Sanji‘s masterclass chef role in the One Piece Live-Action series. With his straight face and charisma, Taz is going to fit this role perfectly.

Oda’s Message for the Staff of Live Action Series:

The official Twitter handle of One Piece Netflix also commented on the video with Oda’s message.


Firstly, he thanked Netflix and Tomorrow Studios for their continuous effort. Next, he apologized for such delay in the release of the series. He explained how difficult it had been to coordinate with people around the globe to decide the cast of the One Piece Live-Action series. Furthermore, he pointed at some other updates in the future regarding the other cast members of the series.

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