My Status As An Assassin Obviously Exceeds The Hero’s Manga Goes On Indefinite Hiatus

Let’s be honest, Hiatuses suck! Firstly, it’s really hard to find a good soul-touching manga, and for it to go on a hiatus right when the story was getting interesting is the most infuriating feeling ever. Moreover, Hiatuses are always very unpredictable. They can last for less than a week to as long as years! One of the mangas that really broke the communities’ heart when it  announced that it’s going on a hiatus is My Status As An Assassin Obviously Exceeds The Hero’s.

As we all know, the Isekai genre mangas have become an absolute favorite in recent times. My Status As An Assassin Obviously Exceeds The Hero’s successfully brings a new taste to the diverse community. This incredibly amusing and entertaining manga raising quite a few eyebrows has sadly been on a hiatus since October 2020 due to the author’s poor health.

The series revolves around a classroom that gets summoned into another world, with each student receiving a myriad of powers. However, one of the students receives the chance to become the “True hero,” a very high honor, but our protagonist named Akira gets a measly role of an assassin. Now Akira must do everything to prove his worth to his class and convince everyone that being an assassin is even better than being a hero, for him at least. However, Akira might not be entirely wrong.

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As interesting as the plot sounds, manga readers might already know that it gets even more amazing as you progress on. However, what’s not amazing is that the genius author Hiroyuki Aigamo writing this brilliant piece of work, is sadly fighting battles of her own. It was announced last year that Hiroyuki has been diagnosed with endometrial cancer and has been trying to recuperate her lost strength.

This news not only shook the manga community but incredibly saddened the readers, as this manga could have been the much-needed break in her career. Not to mention, to see a beloved artist fighting against such a scary disease as cancer really frightens the heart of anyone who listens. Therefore, seeing the condition of the author’s health, it was announced that the manga is going on an indefinite hiatus. That means that we have absolutely no idea when we might get a chance to reread Hiroyuki Aigamo’s work. All we can hope for now is to pray for her speedy recovery so that she can finish off what she had started.

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