My Master Has No Tail A Brand New Anime Coming Soon!

If you’re looking for something funny, interesting with a pinch of fantasy and lore mixed up then you absolutely cannot miss the upcoming anime My Master Has No Tail, scheduled  to be released this year.

The Japanese anime created by TNSK and being produced by Liden Films is going to give the pandemic stricken fans a sigh of relief by its cute characters, a sweet and charming plotline, and a great set of voice actors and animation, which comes as no surprise given the name of the studio that is overtaking this project.

With the attack of titans ending this year, I’m sure many of our readers can have a bit of fun and cuteness in their lives after seeing one of history’s most popular anime going down.


The plot of the anime series is simple, based in a fantasy land in an old era the story of My Master Has No Tail revolves around Mameda, a tanuki. All Mameda wants is to trick the stupid humans and have his funs, but apparently, the age of tanukis playing with humans has long gone, much to Mameda’s dismay.

However, right when the young and bright tanuki was about to give up, it is confronted by a]Rakugo master named Bunko, who reignites Mameda’s cheerfulness by teaching it, that there are still some ways by which a tanuki can get one over the humans. But, to learn that Mameda must convince Bunko to take it as her apprentice.

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As simple as the plot of the show might sound, the manga of the anime is actually pretty hilarious and interesting at the same time, and if Liden films do their jobs well, it can be definitely an anime worth bingeing on your weekends! Also do not forget to check out the link below to find out more about the anime!

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