My Hero Academia Season 6 Announced? Release Date And Recap

Boku no Hero Academia season 5 has been as successful as the previous ones, if not more. Fans are always eager to see their favorite heroes or villains in action. No sooner has the fifth season ended than a new one has been announced. Shonen Jump has confirmed the My Hero Academia Season 6’s release date. The anime is in production and will make its way on TV next year in 2022.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Recap:

Though only one of season 5 is left to be released, we got to see many thrilling episodes this season. Season 5 commenced with the fight between Endeavour and an ultra-class Nomu. This season showed us the progress of UA students in the beginning. On the other hand, it ended with the origin stories of the villains. The students of UA high school have made significant progress and are ready to face off any danger. This season introduced us to Meta Liberation Army, which was run by Re-Destro. Re-Destro conclusively bends his knees to Tomura Shigaraki. The origin stories of villains either made the viewers feel scared or heartbroken. We could expect a lot more action in My Hero Academia Season 6.

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My Hero Academia Season 6:

The UA students are ready to face any challenge which will come across them. Each of the students has gained much more experience than any of their alumni. Izuku and his friends have faced the villains multiple times and are now mentally prepared for any confrontation. The Meta Liberation Army and League of Villain have now combined with working under as a single association. The new association is named Paranormal Liberation Front. Tomura has awoken after remembering his past and is now ready to lift the mantle of All for One. The forces are now ready to face each other. A great battle is coming forth in My Hero Academia Season 6.

Image: Shonen Jump

Release Date of season 6:

Shonen Jump notified My Hero Academia Season 6 with color art in its weekly magazine. The quote on Shigaraki’s side says, “I’ll destroy everything.” On the other hand, Deku says, “I’ll use everything I have to stop you.” Season 6 is speculated to be released in March or April 2022. It would be another 25 episode season like the previous ones. Things have gotten interesting in the anime, and an inevitable war is approaching. Let’s see what this season provides.

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