My Hero Academia Chapter 340: On-Hold. Wonder Why? Reasons, Updated Release Dates, Raw Scans and More!

Not just us, but I am sure all of the fans who have been pacing up with the manga are thrilled about what recent progress has come in this manga series, to which a delay in release is dismay. But, we have something good to update you with; read ahead to know the reasons, updated release dates, raw scans, spoilers, and more under My Hero Academia Chapter 340: On-Hold. 

The shocking revelations that have come up in the last chapter have made the wait harder, no doubt! Aoyoma being disclosed as the U.A. traitor, his past being revealed along with a half-face reveal of Tooru, and all the other surprising disclosures have made us even more excited for the next chapter. But before that, let us look at all the insights we need about MHA Chapter 340.

My Hero Academia Chapter 340: On-Hold.

My Hero Academia Chapter 340 Updated Release Date and Reason for being On-Hold:

The release of My Hero Academia, Chapter 340,  has been scheduled for 17th January 2022. The manga has been on hold this week as the BNHA is on a pre-scheduled break for New Year Celebrations.

MHA, as we know, is published under Weekly Shonen Jump magazines, which comes up with a new chapter every Sunday. It shall bring out MHA Chapter 340 in its 8th issue of 2022, which was earlier expected to be in issue#7.

Release Time: 

Under the various time zones, the time of release has been mentioned below:

BST 05:00 PM
IST 10:30 PM
JST 02:00 AM


Raw Scans, Leaks, And Spoilers of My Hero Academia Chapter 340.

Status:  Unavailable as of now.

Talking of the raw scans and spoilers, they usually come up around Fridays, Thursday, at the earliest. As soon as the raw scans come out, we will be here, with an article again, so make sure you don’t miss out.

You are wondering about the sources of these scan leaks, aren’t you? Well, FYI the scans, leak from Japan when the translators translate and publish them online.

Before we sum things up, let us see:

Where To Read The Latest Chapters Of BNHA Online?

The two legal platforms offering you a read of the newest MHA Chapters for free are:

However, suppose you want to read the complete series. In that case, you will have to pay for Boku no Hero Academia manga series either on the sites mentioned above or by buying the volumes on Amazon.

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A Little About My Hero Academia

A Japanese manga, My Hero Academia, is written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. Shounen Weekly Jump publishes it with a new chapter covered every Sunday; the English releases- both digital and print are handled by Viz Media. Studio Bones have made adaptations of the same into original movies (2) and anime series (4). a Live-Action is in productions under Legendary.

My Hero Academia Chapter 340: On-Hold.

The story shows Izuku Midoriya, who resides in a world where everyone possesses powers, although our MC was not born with them. But with his dreams held high of becoming a superhero any which way. As the series progresses, All Might, the best hero in the world, searches for him and eventually enrolls him in a professional heroes school.

Well, that is it for this article, comprising almost all details about My Hero Academia Chapter 340: On-Hold.





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