My Dress Up Darling Anime Adaptation Coming Soon!

My Dress-Up Darling is a Romantic Slice of Life manga series that has been written by the very talented Shinichi Fukuda. The ongoing series has been serializing since 2018 and has, in a short while has managed to gain a cult following and has so far released seven volumes. Therefore, seeing the unique and sweet story of the manga, the creators of the series have decided to give My Dress-Up Darling its very own anime adaptation!

The plot of the series revolves around a young high school boy named Wakana Gojo, who, after losing his parents at a very young age, lives under the guidance of his grandfather, a Hina doll artisan. Therefore, Wakana inherits his grandfather’s will and skill and makes it a point to perfect the art and techniques passed down to him, which unknowingly has made him a reclusive and loner person. The young boy, therefore, ends up spending most of the time in his high school’s art club, making dresses for dolls, lost in his thoughts and actions.

Image: Square Enix

However, Wakana’s life completely changes when he is spotted by his classmate and one of the most popular girls in his school Marin Kitagawa. Marin is a charming, extroverted girl who can hold a decent conversation with anyone with the ability to be straightforward and a girl who often speaks her mind, making her personality stark opposite from that of Wakana’s. However, as she spots her classmate crafting away in the art club, she can’t help but approach the quiet boy.

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It turns out that Marin is actually a huge fan of cosplay and asks Wakana if he could make something of her size as well, and seeing how much she wants him to make something, Wakana, to his dismay, ends up agreeing! The show’s plot follows the two of them experimenting with Wkana’s skill and Marin’s wishing, creating a lovely dynamic worth swooning over!

Although no definite release date of season 1 of My Dress-Up Darling has been announced as of yet, the fans of the manga, however, will be pleased to hear that the series will be animated by none other than the CloverWorks Studio popularly known for their work on series like The Promised Neverland and Fairy Tail. Therefore, seeing as how an announcement has already been made, season 1 of My Dress-Up Darling will most probably air in the summer of 2022.