Zokki Manga – Live-Action Film [CONFIRMED]

Day by Day, more and more anime and manga series are getting live-action adaptations. One such manga series which is getting an upcoming live-action film adaptation is Zokki. Recently, on Wednesday, the officials of the franchise announced that Zokki manga would be getting a new live-action film.

Polygon Magic and “and pictures inc.” are the official producers of the film. Hiroyuki Ohashi is the original writer and creator of the manga Zokki. The story of this new live-action film will be a complete adaptation of the manga. A to Z, from story to characters, everything will be similar to the manga.

This article has everything you need to know about this upcoming live-action film. Let’s head out to find out more about its release date, cast, plot, and more without wasting time.


Zokki: Live-Action Film Release Date:

The new live-action film will make its release next year in spring, i.e., 2021 in Japan. Although, as of now, no specific date is yet declared.

The first premiere of the film will take place during the 33rd Tokyo International Film Festival. The film will be first seen at this festival. The festival will take place on air from October 31 to November 9. Apart from this, during the 40th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, the film’s screening will take place. The Golden Horse Film Festival is all set to air from November 5 to 22.

Actors Naoto Takenaka will be directing this live-action film and Takayuki Yamada and Takumi Saitou, as the film’s co-directors. Meanwhile, the main scriptwriter for the film is Yutaka Kuramochi.


Some of the main cast of the live-action film Zokki includes the following:

  • Riho Yoshioka
  • Fuku Suzuki
  • Shinnosuke Mitsushima
  • Yurina Yanagi
  • Sara Minami


Apart from these, we can also additionally see Masanobu Andō, Pierre Taki, Yūsaki Mori, Jō Kujō, Mai Kiryū, Kumi Koda, Takehara Pistol in the film.

All about the Manga!

The original manga is a compilation of a collection of Ohashi’s previous short manga works. Earlier, he published all the short manga works independently. The manga has a collection of various stories full of humor and pointing at the observations on life.

The manga made its debut in 2017 by Kazen. Two volumes were published. Apart from this, there is also an anime adaptation film of Hiroyuki Ohashi’s “ON-GAKU” manga. The title of the anime film is ‘ON-GAKU: Our Sound.’

As of now, there isn’t any official trailer or preview, or even visual of this upcoming live-action film Zokki. But we will update you as soon as we get any. Till then, keep reading.

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