The Deer King, A Survival Story Releasing Soon Next Month!

A love between a parent and a child is a profoundly deep bond. It is a bond that has no limits and has no place for selfishness. A bond that doesn’t see a blood connection. We all say blood is thicker than water, but in reality, love is greater than them all, and this fact is very well proven in the upcoming survival movie The Deer King.

As we all know, human history sucks. It is full of violence, torture, death, wars, pandemics, and in-human suffering. A place where women were treated like dogs and slaves were treated even worse. A world that had no mercy running on superstition rather than facts and a place where only social status ruled them all. Seeing our ancestors and their lives really makes us think of how good we have it now, right? (coughs awkwardly). Although the world hasn’t gotten any less chaotic, it certainly has managed to rectify at least some of the major problems. However, one thing has remained fairly universal and in practice since time immemorial—the relationship between a parent and a child and their love.


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It doesn’t matter how poor or rich you are; any decent parent or guardian absolutely loves and adores their children, which in recent times has gotten even more evident when your friends spam you with their kids’ photos. Now, leaving all the jokes aside and coming to the point, this similar chemistry is what we get to see in the plot of the Deer King. When a slave of the salt mines decides to make a run for it, he cannot help but rescue a young girl away from this life of labor and torment. Going through the extreme hardships to survive wild animals, pandemics, and enemies looking for their heads, all the duo really wants is to have a life of peace. In short, the deer king is an epic survival movie that highlights how even the most profound of sadness can be cured by love, and it certainly shows us the lines we are willing to cross for our loved ones.

This amazing, battle-hardy movie with an adorable little girl as a protagonist is getting a lot of the fans super hyped up, and for a good reason. Because the Deer King is all set and ready to hit the golden screen on the 10th of September 2021. Therefore, make sure to pre-book your tickets and also remember to watch its trailer (link attached below).