Mr. Osomatsu Live-Action Movie Surprises With New Cast Members In New Teaser

The hilarious evergreen anime Mr. Osomatsu is en route to crack up the fans with a live-action film. Undoubtedly, the anime has been a great hit with already having three comical seasons on its plate. A live-action adaptation that shows the characters as adults is just the icing on the cake for the franchise. Hence, on November 16th, 2021, the official website of Mr. Osomatsu Live-Action Movie announced some new cast members with its latest teaser. Above all, the fans loved how the actors/actresses performed their roles, displaying the unique personalities of the brothers.

The New Teaser of Mr. Osomatsu Live-Action Movie:

Brightening up the fans is one thing, but Mr. Osomatsu anime or manga has always proved how entertaining and absorbing it can be while watching. While demonstrating the above statement, the Mr. Osomatsu Live-Action Movie’s new teaser did attract the audience. Though the video was just a minute long, it indeed worked wonders for the franchise.

Nevertheless, the video introduces the sextuplets waking up in the classic anime fashion. Subsequently, each one of the six brothers introduced themselves by their unique style. Moreover, the video also introduced three look-alikes of the brothers. Hence, the plot of Mr. Osomatsu Live-Action Movie is now available.

The Cast of The Live-Action Movie:

In addition to the six osomatsu brothers, the video also unveiled the artists of Chibita, Totoko, and Iyami. Hiyori Sakurada, known for her work in You, I Love, will play the short heightened role of Chibita. Knowing how cute and hysterical Hiyori can play a character, her acting as Chibita will be a fun one to watch. Moreover, the elegant beauty Hikaru Takahashi, who played Hiromi Watanabe in A Living Promise, will act as the crush of the sextuplets- Totoko. Lastly, Yasuyuki Maekawa will fulfill the role of pun artist Iyami in Mr. Osomatsu Live-Action Movie. Let’s see how each one of them sparks up the roles.


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Mr. Osomatsu Cast of Sextuplets

Along with the three new cast members, the cast for the sextuplets is the major one for the movie. Nevertheless, the cast for the sextuplets and other look-alikes in Mr. Osomatsu Live-Action Movie includes:

Character: Actor:
Osomatsu Koji Mukai
Choromatsu Ren Meguro
Ichimatsu Tatsuya Fukazawa
Jyushimatsu Daisuke Sakuma
Karamatsu Hikaru Iwamoto
Todomatsu Raul
Period Ryota Miyadate
End Shota Watanabe
Close Ryohei Abe


Mr. Osomatsu Live-Action Movie:

The live-action film plays the roles of the original anime characters ten years in the future. Furthermore, the plot of the movie is identical to the anime. Hence, the sextuplets carry on their lives while being in love with the same girl, Totoko. In addition, the three new characters, period, end, and close, could spice up the movie. Mr. Osomatsu Live-Action Movie will premiere on March 25th, 2022. The anime is available on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

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