Joker’s Rotten Tomatoes Score Begins to Turn the Clown’s Smile Upside Down

Todd Phillips’s Joker now sits in a 78% score on Rotten Tomatoes, falling down by its initial 87 percent score from only eight days ago. The last rating relied on 39 reviews, although the present score uses 78.

The movie premiered in late August in the Venice Film Festival into a eight-minute standing ovation, eventually going on to win that the Golden Lion, the festival’s highest award. While the movie remains”certified new,” the brand new reviews do not bode well for its Joaquin Phoenix-led production. On the other hand, the movie remains estimated to split box office recordings when it releases on Oct. 4.

Joker will function as an independent source story for Batman’s arch nemesis, meaning it won’t link to the DC Extended Universe. Phillips recently confirmed his movie has no prospect of linking into Matt Reeves’ The Batman, a movie whose very own DCEU connections remain cloudy.

The movie arrives in theaters Oct. 4.

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