Honey Lemon Soda Gets Live-Action Film

A Japanese manga Honey Lemon Soda by Mayu Murata will get a film adaption. The manga started serialising in the year 2015. Moreover, the serialisation was done in the Ribbon magazine. A story has a boy with lemon-coloured hairs. Readers had good reviews about the manga. However, if you have not read the manga, then the live-action film is on the way. You would not regret reading the manga. If you are a reader, then read the manga. And then watch the movie. In this article we will know about the characters of the live-action film. Also, know when Honey Lemon Soda Gets Live-Action Film is scheduled for release.

Release date of Honey Lemon Soda Gets Live-Action Film.

Soon fans of Honey Lemon Soda will see the action film based on the manga. Get ready for some fun mates also, if you have not read the manga then no problem. There is time for the film to release you can read the manga till then.

Fans are eager to know when the live-action film is getting premiere. However, this year there is no chance.

The Honey Lemon Soda Gets Live-Action Film will release in the year 2021. The precise date has not been announced yet. However, sometime in mid-year or around February, the film might come out.

Honey Lemon Soda Live-Action Film
Source: AsianWIki Blog

Plot details

According to Asian Wiki, the story of the anime live-action film will have a plot as described further. A storyline revolves around Uka Ishimori. She is a timid girl and has no friends in the school. She was called by the name ‘Stone.’ Her middle schooling was a disaster. Uka Ishimori finally completed her middle school. Then in the high-school she met a boy. He had lemon coloured hairs. Kai Miura is the boy, in the same class as her.

Uka wanted to overcome her shyness; she decided that no more she will be the same person. Kai Miura has the opposite personality than that of Uka Ishimori. He has his own life. And does not talk much both others. However, he starts looking after Uka. Kai has never shared a secret with anyone till now. Will he start talking about everything with Uka.

Uka also has feelings for Kai. In the past, he used to admire him. However, now it is more than just admiring.


The main characters of the upcoming live-action anime film are:

  • Raul as Kai Miura
  • Ai Yoshikawa as Uka Ishimori

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