Extraterrestrial Boys and Girls A Space Adventure Anime Film Coming Soon!

Outer space, as wonderous and mystifying as it may be, is still downright terrifying. With no air, no light, no voice, it’s as lonely as a place could be, and getting stuck in outer space is literally the stuff of nightmares that have managed to inspire incredible blockbuster movies like Gravity. However, Extraterrestrial Boys and Girls takes this concept way too far and highlights the struggle of kids getting stuck in outer space, trying their best to find their way home and survive the atrocities of nature and the universe.

This action-packed adventure movie is scheduled to release in 2022 and is undoubtedly going to be packing a lot of punch and is definitely a story worth keeping an eye out for. The movie will be directed under the guidance of Mitsuo Iso, popularly known for his contribution in the works like Ghost in the Shell, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Gundam 008. and will be produced by none other than the Production +h studio. However, the fans of the movie might have to wait as the work is still under process, because of which no definite release date has been announced as of yet. However, if we were to make a calculated guess then the Extraterrestrial Boys and Girls anime movie will is most likely to premiere in the summer of 2022!

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Extraterrestrial Boys and Girls Plot


The movie’s plot takes place in a futuristic world in the year 2045, where artificial intelligence, the internet, and social media are a lot more widespread as compared to now. With soo many technological devices available to humankind, no one expected there to be as big of a crisis as what took place in the newly made Japanese space station. Due to some faults in the system, the newly crafted public space station ended up suffering a massive accident taking many lives, and stranding a group of kids in outer space. With every passenger assumed dead and all the lines and communications down, the abandoned children, much to their horror, soon realize that help isn’t going to come anytime soon

The story follows the struggle of the children trying to find a way to survive and somehow make contact with the base station with the help of bare resources like narrowband, a social media networking site, and low intelligence AI server. Will the stranded kids be able to make contact? Will they be able to reach home unscathed? Make sure to watch the Extraterrestrial Boys and Girls coming out in 2022!