Battle at Big Rock: Colin Trevorrow Announces Jurassic World Short Film

The Jurassic World franchise continues to expand with an forthcoming final instalment in the trilogy, a new kids’ series and a brand new live-action short-film. The excitingly titled Fight Big Rock was recently declared by Jurassic World manager Colin Trevorrow on Twitter.

Trevorrow teased the brief with a poster with a warning signal, captioned using a quotation from Ian Malcolm at Jurassic Earth: Fallen Kingdom,”These monsters were here . And when we are not careful, they will be here later.” The forthcoming short film is put in precisely the exact same world as the rest of the saga.

For individuals without access to this station, Trevorrow also clarified the brief will be made accessible online instantly after it succeeds.

While details are scarce, for the most part, there were reports which Battle at Big Rock takes place annually after the events of Fallen Kingdom, which watched the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar hauled to the continent and then set free. The short follows a family of four at a desperate struggle for survival against those animals, not all of that — as lovers will understand — are calm herbivores.

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