Monster Hunter The Game Gets A Movie Adaptation By Netflix

Netflix in recent times has become one of the biggest streaming platforms out there. Creating and licensing good shows, movies, and content all over the world for their audience. In the past, many great shows and movies have been based on games and their plots, like Max Payne, Silent Hill, The Walking Dead, etc. However, this time Netflix has its sights set on an animated game Monster Hunter, which they’re all ready to turn into another blockbuster movie.

We all know how Netflix has taken a keen interest in Japanese Anime, buying licensing rights of many major animes and creating their very own content as well. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the streaming platform is now all ready to set its hooks and take inspiration from games and crate a world truly of its own.

This brand new series that we’re discussing is none other than the Monster Hunter game franchise. A hunting game, which involves a lot of skills, kind of like in the exam arc of the anime Hunter X Hunter. However, things go from 0-100 way too fast when the prey ends up becoming the predator.


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The adventurous first-person game is quite popular with the audience and requires quite a bit of skill to be good at it. However, Netflix wants to take the series even further and give the action-packed, adventurous game a place to tell a story of its own. Therefore, it was recently announced that the platform would release a film titled Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild. 

The plot of the movie will revolve around a well-known character from the franchise Aiden who is out to seek the elder dragon and sets upon a quest to kill the creature in order for him to save his village. The movie Monster Hunter: Legends Of The Guild will be exclusively available on the streaming platform from the 12th of August 2021, and they have released a brand new trailer to give their fans a glimpse of their new plan.

Now all of us are asking the same question, Will it be as good as the game? We will have to wait and see it for ourselves. The success of this movie will also determine whether the movie will receive a sequel or not. Therefore, make sure to keep your subscription packages ready and do not miss out on a brand new Monster Adventure! Also, check out the trailer of the movie link for which has been attached below.