Miltiádis Tentóglou Strikes Luffy’s Gear Second Pose After Winning Gold For Greece!

We all know that in recent times, Japanese artists have managed to spread their influence all over the world. With the help of the genius authors, exhibiting their creativity and ingenuity in their world-class plot lines and characters, it is safe to say that with the help of their pens, they’ve captivated the hearts of millions, giving the phrase “The Pen is mightier than a  sword” a whole new definition. However, there are some names that have played a tremendous role in spreading the Japanese influence over the west. One of these names is undoubtedly one of the most successful stories to be ever written in the world – One Piece.

The amazing story about a young boy named Lufyy accidentally eating the devil fruit only to gain tremendous powers and to one day find the world’s largest treasure, “One Piece,”  has been captivating the hearts of millions all over the world, for almost 20 years now. The currently ongoing story written by Eiichiro Oda has seen its fair share of influence on the west. With the manga being the highest selling manga for the past 12 years.

Miltiadis Tentoglou Winning a gold medal for Greece in Men’s Long Jump

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 However, No one really expected that the great influence of Oda’s work would also be seen in the biggest athletic tournament of the world, The 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It was quite an amazing sight to see when one of the gold medalists of the tournament, the extremely talented Miltiádis Tentóglou, strikes the well-known Luffy’s power mode On pose after winning a gold medal for his country Greece.

Miltiádis Tentóglou, one of the most exceptional athletes who made their countries proud, came first in the Men’s Long Jump tournament, winning a well-deserving gold medal. However, as amazing as his win was, the way he celebrated his win was truly a sight to behold as he struck the pose of Luffy, the pose when Luffy, the protagonist of One Piece, powers up to one of the strongest levels in the entire series.

The amazing moment, which was also quite comical, left fans in the split and really went on to show the amazing influence of the story on the rest of the world and how it is well-loved by one of the most talented athletes in the world Miltiádis Tentóglou. Therefore, as an author of the story, it is definitely one of the proudest moments for them when they see how much their work is appreciated worldwide, including the world-class athletes.