Merman In My Tub Manga Inspires TV Series In Taiwan!

Merman in My Tub is a four-panel manga series from Japan. The popular manga is now being adapted into a live-action Taiwanese television series. If you’ve always enjoyed Korean dramas but want to branch out into other Asian genres, the world of Taiwanese dramas is well worth exploring. There is a slew of fantastic T-dramas that are manga adaptations. Merman in My Tub is going to be one of them. Thus, fans are happy to know that the manga got adapted into a live-action drama. The series will premiere next year.

When Will Be The Premiere Of Merman In My Tub TV Series?

Kadokawa recently announced in the December issue of Monthly Manga Gene magazine that the Merman in My Tub series will premiere in Asia sometime in 2022. Fans are excited about the release as they’ll be able to see a living person who looks like the manga character. The series is meant to depict the manga in a better way. Though the premiere date is not confirmed yet, the series has already become one of the most anticipated releases of 2022.

Merman In-My-Tub-Manga-Inspires-TV-Series-In-Taiwan!


Tatsumi is a high-school student who lives alone. He is the protagonist of the series. Once in Tatsumi’s bathtub, a devastatingly attractive merman named Wakasa appears. Wakasa is a bit arrogant yet cute. Whereas Tatsumi is cool but a slacker. The story gives us a glimpse into their relationship. These two very different young guys will learn how to deal with one other in their daily lives. However, unexpected visits from Wakasa’s ocean friends will hinder their relationship.

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Merman In My Tub TV Series?

There will be 12 half-hour episodes in total in the series. Bruce Hung and Kent Tai is the cast, and Hsi-ming Chang is the director of the series. Also, fans have high expectations for the Taiwanese series. The 13-episode series of anime shorts became very popular. It premiered in October 2014. Therefore, the series’ makers are doing their level best to meet the expectations of the fans.

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More About Merman In My Tub!

Since 2011, the manga serialized in the Monthly Comic Gene magazine of Media Factory. Eight tankbon volumes were compiled from the chapters. Asahi Production produced an anime television series that aired from October to December 2014. In 2022, the Taiwanese series will premiere. Fans of the series are ecstatically anticipating it.

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