Wataru Mitogawa’s Ganbared Sisters Ends With Manga’s 4th Vol Release

The interesting and eye-catching visuals of Wataru Mitogawa’s Ganbared Sisters Ends With Manga’s 4th Vol Release. The unrequited bond between a human and a vampire in Ganbared Sisters manga has equipped a new sense of view to the manga reader who grew to love the manga very much. This final volume of Ganbared Sisters manga by Wataru Mitogawa is said to release by Shogakukan on the 19 th of November.

Wataru Mitogawa’s Ganbared Sisters Manga 4th Vol 

The famous and exquisite manga the Ganbared Sisters is set in a supernatural world where vampires and supernatural beings live along with humans. These supernatural beings inhabit the world of humans and impose a threat to their lives. This is where Dorothy a member of the Red Sisters clergy group comes into the scene. Dorothy takes on the mission to hunt down these life threat imposing supernatural beings. On her journey, she comes to an encounter with a woman named Maria who is a blood-drenched vampire woman. Little did they their encounter would turn into a strong bond one could ever imagine.

Wataru Mitogawa's Ganbared Sisters Ends With Manga's 4th Vol Release.
Image: Shogakukan

Wataru Mitogawa

The author and illustrator of Ganbared Sisters by Wataru Mitogawa is known for his quirky and explicit storyline among manga artists. Wataru Mitogawa is a Japanese manga artist best known for creating the manga version of the blockbuster anime Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, as well as writing and illustrating Samurai Edge and GUNBURED SISTERS.

The manga Ganbared Sisters by Wataru Mitogawa isn’t one of those charming and Kawai mangas with cute love stories between a boy and a female. Rather, this manga is an explicit manga that depicts Dorothy and Maria’s deep and sensuous friendship and relationship. Because this comic contains adult content, viewers or readers should use caution.

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Despite its powerful and extravagant plotline, which has been praised rather than panned, this manga has amassed a sizable fan base. The growing relationship between the main protagonists, as well as their mission to vanquish the supernatural beings who pose dangers, adds to the manga’s addictiveness.

Though the Ganbared Sisters Ends With Manga’s 4th Vol Release, it will always be engraved in the hearts of the lovers of the comics.