Vinland Saga Chapter 183: Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Read Online

If you liked the shows like The Vikings and manga like Kingdom, then Vinland Saga is a must-read. Vinland Saga is a historical-revenge manga written by Makoto Yukimura. The story is set in 1013 A.D., when a large part of England was being ruled by the Danish Emperor – King Sweyn. This is a story of revenge of the son who witnesses his beloved father getting murdered right in front of his eyes because his father chose peace instead of war. How far are we willing to go to avenge the ones we love? At what point do morals and ethics cease to exist when avenging becomes the sole mission of the son’s life. Set in the land of the great Vikings, this is the story of Thorfinn, son of Thoris Sorenson.

Introduction To The Plot

Thoris living with his family in Iceland
Image: Crunchyroll

Thoris Sorenson is one of the greatest Viking warriors to have ever lived. However, seeing death all around him, Thoris abandoned a sea battle 15 years ago and began living in Iceland with his wife Helga, a daughter, and a son named Thorfinn. However, Thoris’s past, it seems, still hasn’t let go of him. One day his old battle friend Floki arrives to enlist Thoris into a battle. He somehow convinced Thoris to leave his family and board his ship which Thoris reluctantly agrees. His son, Thorfinn, eager to see his father in battle, secretly boards the ship as well. However, the truth behind Floki’s arrival is soon revealed.

It turns out that Floki didn’t want Thoris to enlist in a battle but instead wanted to take revenge on him for abandoning him and his men 15 years ago. Floki takes the help of the band of mercenaries and their leader named Askeladd to help him kill Thoris.

Thoris killed by the band of mercenaries
Image: Crunchyroll

When the ship is finally invaded by the mercenaries, Thoris being one of the greatest battle generals, is able to keep them at bay. However, when one of their men captures Thorfinn, Thoris drops his weapons and accepts his fate in exchange for his son’s life. Witnessing the brutal murder of his father, Thorfinn vows to get stronger and one day challenge Askeladd, the man who murdered his father, to a duel and kill him honorably as his father would.

Vinland Saga Chapter 183 Release Date

Thorfinn in Vinland Saga
Image: Crunchyroll

It looks like fans are in for a long wait. Vinland Sagar Chapter 183 will take some time and will be released on the 25th of May 2021. As a complete month is left for the release of chapter 183, raw scans are currently unavailable. Fans should keep in mind that the Raw scans of a chapter are usually released 2-3 days before its release. That is why raw scans will be available around 22-23rd May 2021

Where Can You Read The New Chapter Online

Let’s be honest; it’s tough to find a website where all our favorite mangas are available unless you have a Crunchyroll premium subscription. That is why for our avid readers, we have narrowed down some sites where you can read Vinland Saga to your heart’s content. Fans can read the latest chapters of the Vinland saga on Crunchyroll, Viz Media,, Bato, and one of my personal favorites

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