Usogui Live-Action Film Scheduled To Premiere in February of 2022!

Usogui or The Lie Eater is a Japanese manga series written by the brilliant mind of Toshio Sako, who has geniusly depicted a society plagued by gambling and how even a tiny step can take things soo far. The manga series, focuses on the aspects of gambling, lying, and psychological tricks highlighting the behaviors of maniacs and addicts, often leaving on breathtaking cliffhangers.

The series which began serializing in 2006 had a successful run of 11 years and concluded in the December of 2017, getting compiled into 49 volumes. After its, conclusion almost every fan and reader of the series out there had just one thing on their minds which was “Why doesn’t this story get an anime!”. Now, although, much to the dismay of the fans there have been no reports of Usogui getting an anime adaptation any time soon, a bright ray of sunshine has been shone upon when it was announced that the manga will soon be adapted into a Live-Action Movie, which as it turns out is great news!

With cast members like Ryusei Yokohama and Hayato Sato on the list, it is safe to assume that the movie is going to be one thrilling ride. Now, although we don’t want to jump the gun and make false statements to our readers, but seeing how the manga is getting its very own movie, the idea of the series getting an anime might not be too far fetched after all. However, only the future will tell us the fate of Usogui.

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Usogui Plot

Image: Weekly Shounen Jump

The premise of Usogui highlights the life in the underworld. A breeding ground for illegal activities filled with dangerous and dark people, the series clearly shows how it is no place for the light-hearted. However, the no.1 ruler of the underworld and the human society is at the end of the day money. Therefore, avid gamblers from all over the world, try their luck in the dark alleys of the world to earn some cash by any means necessary. However, some gamblers end up taking things too far and in order to win the golden chance end up betting on their own lives.

Therefore, a secret society called “Kakerou” was created which mediates the matches between the gamblers willing to lose it all , often at the cost of their own lives. The plot of the series revolves around the life of  Madarame Baku a gambling addict who in the underworld is popularly known as “Usogui” or the lie eater. The plot focuses on Baku’s attempt to take control of Kakerou by being the undefeated champion along with the help of his loyal disciple Kaji Takaomi, and his bodyguard Marco.

However, in this gamble of life and death, each challenger poses a new problem, and with his life on stake, Baku soon realises that being a champion is not as easy as he had anticipated. As he faces one dangerous opponent after another, the young man soon gets himself caught up in a mess which he never signed up for.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a thrilling and gut-wrenching ride then make sure to be the first in line to watch Usogui’s Life action movie all set to premiere in February of 2022!