Todai Revengers: A Tokyo Revengers Parody Coming Soon

Tokyo Revengers has been a worldwide hit. Not only has it proved to be a remarkable anime series, but it also surpassed manga sales of many others. Thus, it became one of the most sold manga of 2021. Furthermore, the launch of the anime boosted the sales like a rocket. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Kodansha is releasing a parody manga for Tokyo Revengers. The series’ name is Todai Revengers (Tokyo University Revengers). Hence, we’re here to explain everything about this upcoming series.

Todai Revengers:

Since Tokyo Revengers made a place in the hearts of multiple anime fans, a parody is on its way to entertain us more. Although the manga of the original series hasn’t finished, Kodansha has decided to launch another storyline related to Tokyo Revengers. Hence, we got Todai Revengers. Currently, Kodansha has assigned the work to draw the manga on Shinpei Funatsu.
Shinpei is known for his work Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Gaiden: Hannin-Tachi no Jikenbo. Furthermore, he has also been an illustrator for the famous manga Bakemonogatari. Since he has comedic writing skills, he’s the perfect choice as the writer.

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Nonetheless, the manga will debut on November 3rd, 2021. Though the official site of Kodansha revealed the new manga, they haven’t given a detailed plot. However, we believe that Todai Revengers will follow the same storyline while humorous puns at numerous moments. Since the writer couldn’t have introduced adult comedy, the plot of the parody will be on University students. The manga will be available from November 3rd, 2021, on Magazine Pocket.

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Tokyo Revengers In A Glance

Tokyo Revengers is a hit Japanese manga series with more than 40 million copies in circulation, which revolves around Takemichi Hanagaki. Ken Wakui is the writer and illustrator of the manga. While seeing the news one day, he sees his middle school ex-girlfriend and the only one he had in his life. However, a gang named Tokyo Manji Gang had murdered her. Some events later, Takemichi time travels to his middle school days. After that, he makes all his effort to revert the future. Hence, a storyline continues where Takemichi jumps back and forth in time to save everyone he loves. The anime is available on Netflix and HBO max. Let’s see how Todai Revengers improvise this storyline.

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