Spy X Family Chapter 46: Release Date and Updates!

Spy X Family Chapter 46 will be out soon. Spy X Family is a relatively new series. The manga debuted in 2019 and earned quite a reputation in a short time. A fresh and quirky take on the classic spy trope, the manga is really unique for a lot of reasons. Now soon chapter 46 will be out and fans are excited about the upcoming release.

Spy X Family Plot

Spy X Family is a shonen manga which became quite popular, quite fast. The story begins with an agent code named “Twilight” who will do anything to protect his nation. This time he has been assigned to investigate politician Donovan Desmond by infiltrating his son’s school.

Anya, Bond and the Forger Family.(Image: Anime News and Facts)

However, for this he must make a fake family. Under the name ‘ Loid Forger’ he adopts a child and marries an airheaded office worker. However, unknown to him, his daughter Anya is a psychic while his wife Yor, is a deadly assassin. Anya is the only one who knows the truth about his parents. Anya is the puppetmaster while this deadly family works to accomplish their own agendas.

Spy X Family Chapter 46 Release Date

Spy X Family is a bi-weekly publication. Meaning to say that the manga publishes a new chapter every two weeks. Keeping up with this scheme, the new chapter will be out on 16 May that is in around four days. However, the manga sometimes gets delayed unexpectedly but so far we have no such news. So expect a new chapter to be out pretty soon.

Where To Read Spy X Family Chapter 46?

Spy X Family is available on Shueisha’s Mangaplus. Also, the manga is available on VIZ media’s website. The three latest chapters can be read for free on both websites. To read all the chapters, you would need a paid subscription to VIZ and Mangaplus.

The raw scans for the chapter will be available 203 days prior to release. Hence the raw scans should be available soon. The manga started in 2019 under Shueisha’s banner and has published 6 volumes so far. While it is a spy story, creator  Tatsuya Endo has sure given us a very fresh version of spy tales to look forward to.

Last Words

Spy X Family is a very wholesome series and is much loved by fans. Recently, the manga also got nominated for the best shonen manga at the 44th Kodansha Manga awards. Now that’s great news! Fans also speculate an anime adaptation but we have no news so far. So lets keep our hopes high while waiting for the new chapter.