Solo Levelling Chapter 150: Release Date, Raw Scans And Where To Read Online

A story that lies somewhere between the world of gaming and fantasy, Solo Levelling, as its name suggests, is truly a genre of its own. The popular Manhwa or a Korean light novel has gained a lot of recognition in the past years. Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised if the series gets its very own anime adaptation. If you’re looking to know more about solo leveling chapter 150, then look no further!

An Intro To The Plot

image: D&C Media


Now let’s talk a little about the story. Much like a lot of light novels, The world of solo leveling is plagued by monsters. The interdimensional monsters enter the realm of the men through gates. However, men are not as weak as we thought. The opening of these gates not only opened a path into the multiverse but also granted the regular humans superpowers as if they were given these powers just to fight the monsters.

These humans with superhuman powers are in a league of hunters. These are the men and women who keep their lives on the line to fight the monsters.

The story revolves around our protagonist named Sung Jin-woo who is also by post – a hunter. However, his powers are much weaker, and in a normal sense, he’s almost as strong as a human. However, one day he and his team are trapped in a dual dungeon. One by one, each of the members begins to get picked off and killed; however, by some miracle, Sung Jin-woo passes all the trials. In the end, he also meets the same fate as his teammates and ends up dying.

But, the real story begins when Sung Jin-woo wakes up in the hospital, well and alive. He is surprised to see that somehow he has transformed into a mutant. Sung Jin-woo can not only now increase his powers exponentially, but it’s almost as if he’s now playing a game. He is shown levels, inventory, stats and his next missions as if he was a part of a single-player fighting game. This is the story of Sung Jin-woo trying to find out the secrets of the world with the help of his newfound powers.

Solo Levelling Chapter 150 Release Date

Sunj Jin-woo
Image: D&C Media

Chapter 150 of Solo leveling is all set to be released on the 6th of May 2021. However, fans should check the release date and timings of the new chapter with their preferred websites. Moreover, the timings may also vary with your country and location.

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 Where To Read Chapter 150 Online

If you have a Crunchyroll or a viz media subscription, there’s absolutely no need to worry. However, if you’re one of our fans who don’t have a subscription, then don’t worry; we have got you covered. Fans can now read the latest chapter of Solo leveling on sites like Bato and Mangafox for absolutely free. Fans can also check out sites like Mangafreak and Mangareader.

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