Solo Leveling Chapter 150: Release, Expectations, Summary

Solo Leveling is undoubtedly one of the most famous manhwas out there. Soon Solo leveling Chapter 150 will be out, and netizens are waiting for the next installment. As the story of Hunter Sung Jin-Woo goes on, fans want to see what happens in chapter 150?

Chapter 149 debuted recently. Since it is a weekly publication, a new chapter should be out soon. Chu-Gong writes, it is a very famous South Korean novel that was later adapted into a manhwa. The story centers around Sung Jin-Woo, who makes his way from being the weakest to being the strongest hunter. The recent chapters have shown us some exciting development, and we hope that chapter 150 will be equally good.

Solo Leveling Chapter 150 Release Date

Solo leveling is a weekly publication meaning to say that new chapters come out every week. Therefore chapter 150 would be out on May 5. However, this is not a fixed date and can change as chapters get delayed sometimes. So far, chapter 150 should be out on the above-mentioned date. This means only around five days remain to the debut of chapter 150! There are not many sources available, but the manhwa can be read on Kakao Page Magazine.

Chapter 149 Summary

Chapter 149 began with Jin-Woo and China’s Seven Star Liu Zhigang saying goodbye to each other. After this, we saw Sung Jin-Woo meeting the upgraded Norma Selner, who tells him that she has been dreaming about strong hunters dying. She also explains how her dreams become a reality sooner or later and tried to warn the Hunters, but it was of no use. She says that she wants him to protect the hunters as he has similar powers to hunting them. Jin-Woo determines that it must be the Sovereigns. He is assured that he will receive hefty compensation for his work.

Nevertheless, Jin-Woo refuses and leaves with a list of hunters to be protected. Later, he meets Thomas Andre, who asks him to have a meal with him once his arm is healed. The chapter ended with Go-Gun Hee facing a formidable enemy.

Expectations from Solo Leveling Chapter 150

Official spoilers for chapter 150 are not yet available. Judging from the way chapter 149 ended, we might see Gun-Hee fighting against a Monarch or a Sovereign. Most likely, readers will get to witness a decisive and dramatic battle. We might see Sung Jin-Woo returning to South Korea. We might see some serious trouble brewing up in Korean Hunters Association. Whatever happens, chapter 150 will surely be exciting.

Last Thoughts

Chapter 150 will surely be thrilling for the readers. As we see Jin-Woo unraveling mysteries about his world, Solo Leveling has become very engaging indeed. If you aren’t much into the manhwa, you can read the articles here.

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