Solo Leveling Chapter 144: Release Date and Spoilers

The previous week’s chapter of Solo Leveling was fascinating. This is causing fans to anticipate Solo Leveling Chapter 144 even more. Luckily the manhwa is released on a weekly basis, which means the new chapter will be available soon enough.

Release Date of Solo Leveling Chapter 144

The latest chapter of Solo Leveling is set to release on the 17th of March Wednesday. We have not been able to find official ways to read the manhwa and will not update the same. As soon as we find a way, we will update you!

Solo Leveling Chapter 144
Solo Leveling Chapter 144

What happened in Chapter 143?

The previous chapter was filled with action where we saw one of the strongest monsters heed to Jin-woo, which was amazing!

Jin-woo assembles Kamish on his 3rd attempt, and Kamish was surprised by this factor. He tells Sung that he is the King of the Dead Shadow Monarch. Even the higher-ups were confused about how Jin-woo managed to summon Kamish. Jin-woo told Kamish to stop rampaging.

Jin-woo reminds Kamish that the crystal embedded earlier in his head has been removed, and he does not have to obey the higher-ups’ orders. The higher-ups are extremely surprised that Jin-woo can communicate with the monster in his language.

Solo Leveling Chapter 144 Spoilers and Preview

Chapter 144 has had no official spoilers released. Chapter 143 came out only a few days ago, and hence, we can expect spoilers maybe a little closer to the release of Chapter 144. However, we know that Solo Leveling will continue to feature the Japan crisis arc for the following few chapters. It seems that Sung will make an effort to save Japan and destroy his enemies in the process. Let us see if he manages to do this, and hopefully, we receive spoilers soon enough!