Solo Leveling Chapter 143: Sung becomes Evil?: Release Dates and Spoilers

Fans eagerly await the release of Solo Leveling Chapter 143 as they expect a significant amount of action as compared to the previous chapters. Sung holds Kamish as his shadow soldier, and this will significantly improve his strength. Chapter 142 was released on March 10th, and the dates for Chapter 143 have already been revealed.

Solo Leveling Chapter 143 Release Dates

Solo Leveling Chapter 143 is due to be released on March 11th, 2021. The series is rumored to go on a small break after the release of a few chapters. However, the information is yet to be confirmed by official sources. If the break is confirmed, the date mentioned above may be subject to change. As of now, we have not found any official source which can access Solo Leveling.

Highlights of Chapter 142

In Chapter 142, Lennart reveals that Sung does not have to summon his creatures from a different dimension. He already has them around him, and Sung can go to war with U. Sung feels a mysterious presence around him, but it seems only to be a foreigner staring at him. Jinho comments on how Sung has not gotten popular and can be recognized.

Solo Leveling
Sung’s Shadow Creatures

White also revealed to Sung the truth about Dragon Kamish and offered Sung the ownership. Sung then vowed he would sacrifice his life for the Hunter Bureau as he wanted to know more. However, white could not reveal any information as the higher-ups did not allow him.

Spoilers of Solo Leveling Chapter 143

As of now, there are no official spoilers of Chapter 143. However, a few speculations are going around the internet. The revelation of Sung’s ability to have creatures around him has caused people to believe that this can cause his character to become evil later in the series. Many also believe that there will be some action taking place in the latest chapter.