Shibuyania Near Family By Kōji Kumeta Is Said To Publish Soon

The most famous and renowned manga author and illustrator, Kōji Kumeta, sets on a new journey as he starts a new manga featuring Shibuyania. Fans of the different mangas written by the same author are even more thrilled by the announcement Shibuyania Near Family By Kōji Kumeta Is Said To Publish Soon. This announcement was made in a magazine release of the Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine’s 48th issue.

Shibuyania Near Family Is Said To Publish Soon

There isn’t any information about what the manga is all about or the manga’s plot, which makes it all the more exciting and raises the expectations as to what the author of the various super hit manga, Kōji Kumeta, has installed for the manga lovers. However, we do know that on October 20, the magazine has published a short prologue or a snippet of the manga in its previous issue.

Kōji Kumeta – The Manga Author

Koji Kumeta, the notoriously renowned manga creator of several super-successful mangas such as Go!! Southern Ice Hockey Club, Kakushigoto, Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, and Katteni Kaiz, was born on September 5, 1967. He is a well-known and well-liked Japanese manga artist who has created a number of well-known and well-liked mangas. The author is well renowned for his original and engaging narratives, diverse and attractive manga characters, and the ultimate message the manga gives to readers.

Shibuyania Near Family By Kōji Kumeta Is Said To Publish Soon.
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Most of Kumeta’s work had been published in Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine until the unexpected termination of Katteni Kaiz, which took a toll on him and caused him to go from Shogakukan to Kodansha magazine. Kumeta later began freelancing in 2014. The majority of Kumeta’s most recent serializations were published in Studio Pulp, including Hakusensha’s Rakuen Le Paradis and Kakushigoto’s full run in Monthly Shonen Magazine, where both mangas ended in 2020. Sayonara is Kōji Kumeta’s most popular manga, while Zetsubou-Sensei was his first work to be made into an anime. The manga’s popularity was highly received by manga readers, and it won the 31st Kodansha Manga Award in the shonen category.

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Among the Koji Kumeta comics, the new manga Shibuyania Near Family has piqued readers’ interest due to a lack of knowledge about the narrative of the new manga. More updates will be posted on the website.

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