Sengoku Basara New Manga Confirmed

The Sengoku Basara gaming franchise created a fantastic job. CAPCOM is primarily a Japanese based producer of games and arcade. Finally, the game franchise will get new manga adaption this winter. Moreover, the creators of the manga are Rando Ayamine and Yuki Asada. CAPCOM revealed on July 21, 2020, in Hero Inc’s Monthly Hero Magazine about the manga. Let’s find out more information on Sengoku Basara New manga in this article.

Recently, the game franchise celebrated the release of the newest game—the fourth game released on Playstation 4 in Japan. However, CAPCOM has done an exquisite work creating unique characters, different colors, and dynamic combat.

The various media forms are created of the franchise. The spun-off includes stage play, live-action anime series, movies, and different anime series.

About Sengoku Basara New Manga

Not much is know about the manga yet. However, it’s confirmed that the Sengoku Basara New Manga will publish the chapters in Hero Inc.’s Monthly magazine.

Moreover, the artwork of the protagonist characters is created. The creators of the artwork are Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura. Also, the composition done by Ayamine.

None the less the drawings of the manga are done by Asada. Asada also worked for Tokko Zero.

Finally, the tweet shows the protagonist design:

More About Sengoku Basara

CAPCOM’s franchise inspires many TV anime series, live-action films, stage plays, and more. Moreover, the anime movie inspired by the video game released in June 2011. A new television series started premiering in 2009. There are sequels of the anime TV series. Moreover, the title of the series was Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings.

The video game, anime TV series, and films have gained tons of fans till the date. Meanwhile, considering the success up till now, the manga adaption will launch soon.

Sengoku Basara New Manga
Source: Anime SWEET

Have a look at Characters

The characters of the Sengoku Basara New manga will remain the same as that in the video game. However, some new characters might come. The characters of Date Clan includes:

Moreover, the characters of the Takeda Clan includes:

  • Yukimura Sanada
  • Shingen Takeda
  • Sasuke Sarutobi

Also, the characters of the Uesugi Clan includes:

  • Kenshin Uesugi
  • Kasuga

Including the characters of the Azai Clan:

  • Oichi
  • Nagamasa Azai

Moreover, other characters from Tokugana Clan, Maeda Clan, Toyotomi Clan, Shimazu Clan, and other clans are there.


The Sengoku Basara New Manga will start publishing from the September. In conclusion, the manga will publish in Monthly Hero’s magazine.

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