Secret Reverse: A Spider-Man And Iron-Man Team-Up Manga Finally Gets License From Viz Media

After releasing in 2019 in Japan, Kazuki Takahashi’s Secret Reverse manga finally reaches fans in the West. Secret Reverse manga shows an adventure of our favorite arachnid Homosapien and genius playboy from Marvel comics, Spider-Man and Iron-Man, his mentor.

Secret Reverse Announced For West:

Through the official Twitter account of Viz Media, on October 10th, 2021, Viz Media announced to license Secret Reverse manga in 2022. Viz previously gave the stage to Deadpool manga, and now Spider-Man and Iron-Man are in the line. In 2019’s as a part of the Marvel × Shonen Jump+ Super Collaboration manga series Secret Reverse manga was initially released. It made quite a commotion as Marvel Fans are spread across the globe, and out of all the characters, this manga depicts the adventure of the most popular characters.

Story Of The Manga:

In 2016, Peter Parker and Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark visited a Japan Game Convention. However, due to some unexpected events, the duo ends up saving the planet from an Alien Invasion. Secret Reverse introduces us to a brand new villain in Marvel’s mangaverse Kaioh. Kaioh, with the help of his monster summoning card game system, gets involved in a battle with our heroes. He also claims the machine as the pinnacle of gaming science.

Secret Reverse Poster
Secret Reverse Poster
Image: Marvel Comics

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Apart from this manga, Deadpool Samurai, Marvel Meow are some mangas soon getting a license from Viz.

Marvel’s Spider-Man And Iron-Man:

Spider-Man is the creation of Stan-Lee, along with Steve Ditko. Stan-Lee is also the creator of Iron-Man. These two are a part of Marvel Comics appearing in several games, animation series, movies, comics, as well as anime. While Tony Stark is a billionaire playboy, philanthropist, inventor, and scientist, on the other hand, Peter is a middle-class orphan living with his aunt, May Parker, after the death of his uncle Ben Parker. These two character shares a bond like a mentor and a follower.

This duo of Spider-Man and Iron-Man has fought some of the most powerful characters in the universe alongside other characters such as Captain America, Hulk, Thor, and Black Panther. They have defeated Thanos, Electro, have fought Kang the Conqueror and Zarrko the Tomorrow Man, etc.

A new movie Spider-Man: No Way Home, is all set to hit theaters in the USA on December 17th, 2021. It continues the adventure of our spidey after his opponent Mysterio revealed his true identity to everyone and in his last words, making Peter the bad guy who killed him.