Sakamoto Days Chapter 40 Shin’s Awakening

Otakus like the combination of the action and comedy genres in anime and manga. This type of Mangas hysterically makes one’s day while also providing an excellent source to cure one’s boredom. Some of the most famous Mangas of this genre are One Punch Man, Great Teacher Onizuka, and even One Piece. It’s tough to compete with such other engulfing creations. However, Yuto Suzuki’s original manga series Sakamoto Days is living up to the expectations of its fans.

The manga is published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. It was released on November 21st, 2020, and has been running for forty chapters. The English version of Sakamoto Days can be read online on Viz Media and Manga Plus. Three volumes have been released up till now, and it doesn’t seem that Suiesha would cancel it anytime soon.

Sakamoto Days Synopsis:

Sakamoto Days is an action, comedy genre manga. The story revolves around Taro Sakamoto, who used to be the best hitman in the world. However, he fell in love with a woman and married her. They had a kid, and lastly, he gained weight. Though Sakamoto is retired, the hitman group is still after him and his family.

Seeing the protagonist protecting his family in an overweight body is hilarious. In contrast, the action scenes of the battles in the manga provide exhilarating results. The manga is successfully running while increasing its fandom. Let’s see what’s currently happening in Sakamoto Days.

Sakamoto and other shopping district characters(Image: Twitter)

Sakamoto Days Current Scenario:

With several serial killers on the loose, Taro Sakamoto and other people in the shopping district are in danger. In Chapter 39, Nagumo comes to meet Taro and inform him about the serial killers hired by Slur. While looking at the hitlist, Sakamoto is shocked to see himself as a B+ rank now. Heisuke’s position has also degraded from S to E. Sakamoto Days: Chapter 39 shows Shin’s interaction with one of the loose serial killers.

Shin’s True Potential: Sakamoto Days Chapter 40

Shin is an ex-hitman who’s been following Taro Sakamoto. He’s got the power of clairvoyance but is still not able to use it efficiently. Sakamoto Days Chapter 39 showed Shin and Lu(Only Daughter of Chinese Triad) shopping for some materials to reinforce the exterior of their shop. The dogs in the shop start barking at a particular figure- one of Slur’s serial killers.

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Shin Vs., the Serial Killer

Upon seeing Shin, the serial killer starts attacking him. This fight is portrayed in chapter 40 of Sakamoto Days, in which the serial killer uses high ranged attacks with an ax connected to a long chain. Shin is easily overpowered by his opponent. The other customers run away, leaving Shin and Lu face to face with the serial killer. Both of them try hard, but their effort only ends up with failure.

Chapter 40: Shin Vs. Serial Killer (Image: Viz)

On the other side of the city, Sakamoto is having a chat with Heisuke. They speak to each other about Shin. Sakamoto concludes the conversation by saying that Shin still hasn’t faced a lethal situation, and thus, his true potential is yet to surface. Shin and Lu give a hard fight to the serial killer. They even burn half of his face but are outsmarted. Shin regrets how weak he is when Lu takes damage on behalf of him. A new spark of killer instinct covers Shin’s eyes, and he’s now ready to face the serial killer. Shin’s clairvoyant has upgraded to the next level. He’s now able to foresee his opponent’s moves. Sakamoto Days Chapter 40 ends with foreshadowing this fight for the next chapter.

Chapter 41 of Sakamoto Days will be released on October 3rd, 2021. The English reader could read it on Viz Media. Shin’s awakening would be an exciting view for manga lovers.