Sakamoto Days Chapter 21: Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Read Online

Imagine being one of the best slayers, with a persona that every foe is feared by you and every man in the same vocation set you up as his idol, but in the story Sakamoto days everything takes a U-turn when such a man falls in love and gains some weight and runs a store nearby. What will happen when a former legendary assassin lives an ordinary life? Will things go according to his plan? Grit your teeth to experience an afresh action-comedy series.

What Happened In The Previous Episode Of Sakamoto Days?

chapter 20
Sakamoto Chapter 20

Our hero lately ran across an imperceptible enemy on the highway and wasn’t successful in catching him. But being such an amazing hitman, he doesn’t want to let go of him this time, so he decides to drop by their lab and dig deeper into the matter. Sakamoto was very close to catching his enemy but missed the finishing blow. The series followers are now exhilarated to know what will happen and how Sakamoto will catch his enemy? How will their encounter look?

Sakamoto Days Chapter 21 Release Date

legendary hitman
Sakamoto Hitman

The release date for Sakamoto Days Chapter 21 is confirmed to be April 25, 2021. This chapter will include another slice of the hilarious life of Sakamoto. With things setting their pace, the chapter will get going with the encounter of our lead with his adversary. You can access the manga on this at 21:30, be on time to avoid any spoiler alert.

Where To Read Sakamoto Days Manga Online?

Sakamoto Chapter

As the latest chapter of the series will be out soon. It will be easily accessible on the official Shōnen Jump website. Viz and Mangaplus are also here to your rescue. You can read the latest chapter here without burning a single penny. You can also read your favorite mangas on these sites for free.