Sakamoto Days Chapter 17 Release Date, Spoilers, and Updates

Sakamoto shocked us when he decided to take on the challenge to get his daughter the backpack she loved. Walking into the mouth of danger is the typical way of living for an assassin, but the challenges are different when you face a horde of sale-hungry homemakers. Sakamoto had the most challenging battle yet in the previous chapter. But, the assassin killer is still free, and there’s no time to relax. What will happen in the next chapter of Sakamoto Days?

Sakamoto Days: Color page (Image: Reddit)

Sakamoto Days Chapter 17 Release Date

The next chapter is coming on schedule next week, 28 March 2021. You can read it on Viz. The last three and first three chapters are available to read for free.


No spoilers have yet been released. They’re usually available 1-2 days before the chapter comes out; we will update this section as and when we get details.

About Sakamoto Days

Sakamoto Days follows the chubby guy who runs the store in the neighborhood, Taro Sakamoto. Although he seems like your normal, average father, this man was once an assassin and a great one at that.

The villains feared him, other hitmen admired him, but one day, he fell in love, then came retirement, and marriage. Soon, he became a father, and then he got his belly! Now, his old life and enemies are here to catch up with him, disrupting his routine life. Does he still have what it takes to defeat them? Will his family be safe?

The manga is a great read, a mix of thrilling badassery with slice-of-life elements. It’s a small-scale story but still manages to be gripping. It’s an exciting thriller that somehow feels relatable.