Restaurant to Another World New Model manga English Edition!

Restaurant to Another World is a Japanese light novel series written by Junpei Inuzuka, with Katsumi Enami. Few people are aware that Restaurant to Another World has two manga adaptations that cover the same plot. While one of them terminated in 2019 after only four volumes, the most recent one began serialization in April. From July 4 to September 19, 2017, Silver Link aired an anime television series adaption. OLM will return for a second season on October 2, 2021. It was just announced that the manga would also be published in English.



The Western Restaurant is a restaurant serving western cuisine. Nekoya is a restaurant in an unnamed Tokyo shopping district that serves a variety of Japanese interpretations of Western meals. It is open during regular business hours but closed on weekends and holidays. On Saturdays, however, it is secretly open, as it opens doors to another realm inhabited by elves, dragons, animal men, and other beautiful creatures who enter the restaurant and taste its exotic cuisine, with many of them becoming regular guests. While Nekoya is known for its food, it is also a location where people form friendships, find inspiration, and find redemption for those in need.

Restaurant to Another World English Edition Announcement!

Kadokawa has announced that the Restaurant to Another World New Edition manga will be released in English. This release is a part of Kadokawa’s quick simulpub distribution plan. It was first announced in August of this year. Rather than waiting 6 to 12 months for a reliable translation, the company intends to ship its titles within a week of its release. The first chapter is now available on the Book Walker Global Website.

By the end of October, the reliable English translation of Restaurant to Another World will have caught up. The most apparent difference between the New Edition manga and the original is the target audience, shonen compared to seinen. As a result, the majority of situations could undoubtedly be toned down a notch.


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More About Restaurant to Another World!

This year, the release of the English edition of Restaurant to Another World isn’t the only good news for fans of the series. The anime’s second season is just around the corner, and as is customary, food will bring everyone together. If you’re a fan of Isekai Shokudou, you’re covered for this year, whether you prefer manga or anime.