One Piece Manga Takes A Two Weeks Break! Know What Happened Suddenly?

The readers know very well that the One Piece manga never miss the schedule. Only when something important comes up, it has taken a break. We saw last month that One Piece took a one week break, however, except that no holiday has been recorded in a while.

After the sudden announcement of One Piece taking two-week-long break, everyone got shocked. Fans are eager to read the newest chapters of manga every week. One Piece have gained billions of heart all over the world. Not only the manga but the anime based on the manga is loved by many. So, let us know what led to such break in the manga.

Reason of sudden break in One Piece Manga

According to the MANGA plus official website, the next chapter of One Piece will come out in mid-October. Also, the long break shocks everyone. However, the sources say that Eiichiro Oda plans breaks like this as the One Piece nears 1000 chapters.

Crazy fans all around the world are lucky to have a this. Also, the writer is fantastic in his area. Note that the next chapter will publish in Weekly Shonen Jump #46 on October 16, 2020. 

Do not ignore that the official website of One Piece has not announced the delay yet. Fans are waiting for the confirmation.

One Piece Manga
Source: Twitter

Note the releasing time of the chapter differs according to the region. As per Japan Standard Time, the chapter will be out on Saturday. I.e. October 17, 2020.


One Piece is one of the most persistence in the matter of releases. It has not missed any schedule until utmost necessary. As One piece is near its 1000 chapter release, the writer wants frequent breaks. Yet, we can not tell for sure the delay in releasing the next chapter. But it is estimated to come out on October 16, 2020. The official website of Manga plus twitted about the same. So, fans be patient until next chapter releases. There is a lot to come yet.

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