One Piece Chapter 992: Release Date, Preview, Spoilers, And More!

One Piece is probably one of the longest surviving and loved manga series around the world. Maybe because of the excitement it drives through fans before dropping its episode. It is back with yet another episode. Let’s have a look at what One Piece Chapter 992 could possibly be about.

One Piece Chapter 992: When will it release?

Like every other manga series, One Piece too drops its chapters on a weekly basis. It was earlier announced that Chapter 992 would be streaming on October 5, 2020, as it releases its chapters on almost every Sunday. However, since the spread of coronavirus, One Piece was seen to take frequent brakes but this time was taken due to a sudden illness Oda has been through. As of now, One Piece will drop its another chapter on October 11, 2020. 

We wish Oda a speedy recovery.

One Piece Chapter: What will happen in the upcoming chapter?

As of now, One Piece hasn’t outed its any raw scans. So, it would be difficult to provide any prediction about its next chapters. We can expect its raw spoilers to release latest by October 9. We will update this article as soon as any hint is dropped by showrunners.

Here is what chapter 992 could be about.

One Piece Chapter 992: Image Source: Crunchyroll

One Piece chapter 992 could take us to Kaido’s past. It could be expected that Kaido would be narrating his past life to Shutnmaro during a small conversation with him. Wonders where it will lead him?

In the last chapter, we saw Kaido asking help from Jack. He asked Jack to bring back Straw Hats and join him.

We then saw Kaido to negotiate with Shutenmaro after he remembers what happens to him in the past. He told him that he would forget everything that happened between them in the past if he promises to be his subordinate.

What we know is that what gave Kaido scar on his stomach is Shutenmaro or someone related to him. Maybe that is the reason Kaido admires him so much and wants him Beasts Pirates. We might find that out in the releasing chapter.

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