One Piece Chapter 987: What To Expect From The Next Chapter

There’s good news for the fans of One Piece manga. The upcoming One Piece Chapter 987 will be released without any delay. Yay! One Piece has made its way to the fans and has become one of the most loving manga. Also, the anime TV series has gained a considerable fan following.

The manga started publishing in Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine since 1997. Since then, every week, the chapters of manga are published. Eiichiro Oda writes the manga. And Shueisha publishes the volumes.

This article contains some spoilers, release date, and more about One Piece, Chapter 987.

When will One Piece Chapter 987 release?

The latest issue from One Piece manga: chapter 986. The chapter got released on August 2, 2020. Moreover, the upcoming chapter will release on August 10, 2020. The chapters are also published digitally. The official websites where you can read the One Piece chapters are given in this article ahead.

One Piece Chapter 987
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At the start, Pound gets left out. Then Chiffon and Lola ran away from Pound and Marines. The scabbards eyes are filled with happy tears. They are nostalgic about the memories where Kanjuro, Denjiro, and Kinemon arrived. Both Fukuro Kujo and Orochi pledge to make allegiance to Kaido. Because Kaido cuts off Orochi’s head.

Kaido tells Momo that he will free Momo if Momo isn’t here for Kozuki. But, Momo shouts the name Momonosuke Kozuki. Meanwhile, there is a blast, and Kaido remains unsuccessful in killing Momo. The explosion occurred because Luffy threw Yamato off. Kaido arranged explosives on Yamato’s cuffs. And so the explosion occurred. Moreover, Yamato gets angry at Kaido to organize that stuff on his cuffs.

Then after Izo shouted the king. Moreover, Neko knocked Kaido down. The holders took over Kaido shouting Sunachi. Only the swords on Kinemon and Denjiro are capable of killing Kaido. He was stressfree because these scabbards sword can’t harm him. When is Kaido pushed from the balcony, what will happen? Will he transform into his dragon form? Read the chapter to find out more.

One-piece chapter 987
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Where to read?

The chapters of One Piece manga are available on the official websites of VIZ, Shueisha’s manga plus app, and Shueisha’s website. You may download the Shueisha app to read the chapters.

If you haven’t read the One Piece chapters or watched the anime adaption, you may start. Its one of the best anime/manga you’ll come across.

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