One Piece Chapter 1031 Spoilers, Recap, And Release Date

The One Piece fandom has been on their toes for the whole Wano Arc last fight. While the Straw Hats Alliance faces the Emperors, the World Government is also making its move. Moreover, these battles aren’t just to entertain the fans as they’ll decide the future of the series. Hence, each new chapter reveals a new angle to the storyline. One Piece Chapter 1031 Spoilers are out now. Thus, let’s get into all the information it provided.

One Piece Chapter 1031 Spoilers In A Summary:

Though the latest chapter provided some extra detail about numerous side characters, we’ll be discussing it later. Firstly, here’s a summary of all the things that happened in One Piece Chapter 1031 Spoilers. The title of Chapter 1031 is “The Warrior Of Science.”

  • The chapter begins with the information of Devil Fruit- Akuma no Mi.
  • Law and Kid continue to fight Big Mom with their awakened Devil Fruit powers.
  • Drake declines Apoo’s invitation to form a new alliance.
  • CP0 Finally makes their move towards Robin.
  • Finally, Sanji is still in turmoil, and hence, destroys his raid suit.

A Glimpse of One Piece Chapter 1030

Though One Piece Chapter 1031 Spoilers are out, it’s a direct continuation of Chapter 1030. Hence, here’s a small summary of everything that happened in the previous chapter. Firstly Apoo invited Drake to form a new alliance with three Numbers on their side. Namely, they are Fuga, Inbi, and Zanki. Secondly, Usopp and Nami find the lower half of Kin’emon running. Therefore, Kin’emon is still alive as Law couldn’t stitch him back properly in Punk Hazard. Thirdly, Orochi ordered Kanjuro to destroy Onigashima with his final attack Kazenbo– a massive fire demon. Next, Yamato was on her way to eliminate the explosives on Onigashima. Lastly, Kid and Law awakened their Devil Fruit powers as a last resort to defeat the Yonko Big Mom.

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One Piece Chapter 1031 Spoilers Detailed Discussion

The spoilers of the latest chapter are now available from November 3rd at midnight. Moreover, they contain great context about the future of One Piece. Not only does it show the ongoing battles, but it also gives hints on how the storyline would follow up. Thus, here’s the detailed content of Chapter 1031.

Law And Kid Continue Facing Big Mom

One Piece Chapter 1031 Spoilers starts with the ultimate fight between the Supernova duo and the Yonko. Earlier, Law and Kid weren’t able to do any significant damage to Big Mom. Apart from the difference in strength, Kid was also affected by Hawkins‘ powers. Since all the chains were lifted in Chapter 1030, the duo finally awakened their Devil Fruit powers. It seems that Eustass Kid already knew how to awaken the powers before coming to Wano.

On the other hand, Law seems to have learned this recently since he didn’t use this in Dressrosa. Law asks Kid about the extent of his magnetic powers. However, Kid doesn’t give any reply. Since the duo is only allied during this fight, Kid may not want to reveal anything about his powers. Apart from the pair, Big Mom uses her Devil Fruit powers. She consumes a year of her life span to strengthen Hera, Napoleon, and Prometheus.

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Drake Declines Apoo’s Invitation: Yamato Arrives

The following content of One Piece Chapter 1031 Spoilers was the conversation between Drake and Apoo. Since both were defeated, Scratchmen Apoo invited X Drake to form a new crew with him. Not only is Apoo strong, but he also has three of the ten Numbers on his side. We get to see Fuga, Inbi, and Zanki with their creepy laughs. However, Apoo doesn’t know that Drake is an undercover navy agent. Hence, he declines the offer and tells Apoo how he doesn’t respect him at all. While Apoo becomes ready to have a showdown with Drake, Yamato Arrives on the scene in her Zoan form. Now, Apoo and the Numbers are standing on one side. Drake and Yamato, on the other. Let’s see how this battle follows up in Chapter 1032.

CP0 Finally Come Across Robin

The scariest part of One Piece Chapter 1031 Spoilers was to see our beloved Nico Robin in danger. Since the World Government has already ordered her capture, the CP0 have finally made their move. Since Robin had used up all her powers in her fight against Black Maria, she’s unconscious. However, Brook will be there to save her. On the other hand, the CP0 is different and more robust than in Water Seven Arc. Hence, Nico Robin’s capture would play great significance in the future.

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Sanji’s Turmoil

Sanji has been an excellent asset for Luffy in his journey to becoming the Pirate King. However, something has changed inside Sanji after the Whole Cake Island Arc. One could only presume that this could be a side effect to the use of the Raid Suit his father gave him. In contrast to being physically hurt, Sanji is mentally exhausted.

Due to Queen’s twisting words, Sanji finds himself questioning his existence. In One Piece Chapter 1031 Spoilers, Sanji protects a woman who seems to have been attacked. Next, he wonders that his strength is due to Germa’s powers, and he’ll end up being like them. Though he’d turn strong, he will change to being heartless like his brothers. Hence, he takes out the Raid Suit to destroy it. Sanji contacts Zoro with a Den Den Mushi and asks him to kill him if he turns rogue. Finally, Sanji faces off with Queen, who’s been chasing him. He attacks Queen with his new move- Hell Memories. The chapter concludes with this battle.

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One Piece Chapter 1031 Release Date

Since we’ve already covered the One Piece Chapter 1031 Spoilers, here’s detailed information about the release date. The chapter will be released on November 7th, 2021, i.e., Sunday. However, the raw scans will be available from Friday, i.e., November 5th, 2021. Viz Media and Manga Plus will publish the chapters globally on November 7th, 2021, in English.

Nevertheless, One Piece Chapter 1032 is delayed for one week. Regarding Eiichiro Oda’s health, he’s taking a break every three weeks. The next chapter, i.e., 1032, will continue from November 21st, 2021.

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