One Piece Chapter 1030 Spoilers

The Wano Arc is near to an excellent end. Furthermore, Oda has announced that he’d be creating the most incredible fight after the arc in anime history. While we’re waiting for this fight, we can’t deny that the battles in Wano keep on getting better and better. On the one hand, Oda has revealed many new aspects to Straw Hats, and on the other, he has created some new mysteries. One Piece Chapter 1030 Spoilers are now available, and here’s everything that happened in the chapter, its release date, and where to read.

A glimpse of Chapter 1029:

Though Oda’s health has deteriorated, he’s still focused on entertaining his fans by taking breaks after every three weeks. Chapter 1029 had a delayed-release. However, it contained some peculiar content about Sanji’s indestructible form. Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law were facing Big Mom. Also, it concluded the battle of two Super Novas- Killer and Hawkins. Since Killer found the loophole in Hawkins’ ability, he sliced his opponent and became the victor of the battle. Thus, 90% of the battles in Onigashima are over.

Eustass Kid (Image: Animex Wallpapers)

On the other hand, Kaido, Big Mom, and the sneaky Orochi are still standing. Also, the CP0 has got direct commands from the World Government to kidnap Nico Robin and annex Wano after the battle. One Piece Chapter 1030 Spoilers have focused on the battle between Law and Kid against Big Mom.

One Piece Chapter 1030 Spoilers: Everything You Need To Know

Like other chapters, chapter 1030 spoilers are out now. The fights in Wano are coming to an end. Thus, fans are always on their toes to see what new reveal Oda will provide next. Hence, here are all the things that will happen in One Piece Chapter 1030 Spoilers:

Scratchmen Apoo And X Drake’s Conversation:

The two Super Novas have had their fair share in the battles. Furthermore, the Pirate-Mink-Ninja-Samurai alliance has already defeated the duo. Since Apoo wants to reign over other pirate groups, he tries to pact with X Drake and Numbers 1,2 and 3. However, Apoo doesn’t know that Drake is an undercover marine soldier. The One Piece Chapter 1030 Spoilers have only revealed this much about this conversation. In contrast, the chapter will throw some more light on the topic.

Scratchmen Apoo (Image: Reddit)

Orochi And Kanjuro Still Standing:

Due to his Hebi Hebi no mi Devil Fruit power, Orochi has eight different heads. Moreover, this feature has accounted for him with some extra lives than the others. On the other hand, Kanjuro has proven himself to be an excellent asset for the Orochi. Though the alliance has taken down Kanjuro multiple times, he’s still surviving. Nonetheless, One Piece Chapter 1030 Spoilers reveals Orochi ordering Kanjuro to end everything on Onigashima’s castle. Hence, Kanjuro creates a huge fire demon to fulfill his master’s orders. However, Yamato is on her way to get rid of all the explosives in the castle.

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Big Mom Vs. Law And Kid:

Since Killer has removed Hawkins out of the way, Kid can now fight with all his powers. Earlier, the duo struggled against the Yonko Big Mom. Like some other Devil Fruit users, Kid and Law have awakened their Devil Fruit powers. Then, the pair concludes that they could only use this power once, and hence they plan to take down Big Mom. One Piece Chapter 1030 Spoilers only give a brief detail about this fight. Firstly, Law teleports himself literally inside Big Mom. Next, Kid turns her into a giant magnet. The duo might be on the verge of defeating Big Mom soon.

Trafalagar Law (Image: Animex Wallpapers)

Chapter 1030 Release Date and Where To Read:

One Piece Chapter 1030 is set to be released on October 29th for Japanese readers. As for the global release, the chapter will be released on October 31st, 2021. Since it’s the second chapter in three weeks, there’s no break next week. The manga is officially readable on Viz and Manga Plus globally.

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